Deeply concerned about The Chinese Communist Party’s penetration of the U.S. Political Arena, the Senate is holding hearings at the start of a new session

In recent days, it has been reported that the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated the POLITICAL and business sectors of the United States, causing concern and alarm on both sides of the U.S. Congress. The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee says the new Congress, which takes office in January, will immediately hold hearings on Beijing’s attempts to influence Washington politics. Republicans in the House of Representatives have called on the FBI to brief Congress as soon as possible.

“This is a huge security issue and a spying issue,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo), a Republican, told VOA.

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) spoke to VOA on November 18, 2019.

Mr Hawley says he worries that the Chinese communist Party’s long “long game” in California has led to a thorough infiltration of the local Democratic Party. “It looks like the California Democratic Party’s problem now, and while other parties elsewhere may have the same problem, they certainly have a big problem right now,” Mr. Hawley said. “That whole party establishment seems to have been damaged.”

Last week, U.S. media reported that fang Fang, a Chinese communist party spy suspected of entering the United States as a student, had infiltrated California politics, with targets ranging from lawmakers to local and state officials, sending shockwaves through Washington.

Then a speech by Zhai Dongsheng, deputy dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, about how the Communist Party has “old friends” on Wall Street and in the powerful circles of the United States, and how someone can fix everything with DOLLARS, went viral on the Internet, reignited a heated debate in American political circles.

The Communist Party’s influence over America’s core power elite does not stop there. This Monday, Australian media “australians” according to a leaked communist party database comparison survey published reports that the communist party has been or is currently employed by diplomatic missions in Shanghai for at least 10 countries, including Australia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, India, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa and other countries. Some of them also serve as senior political and Government commissioners, clerical staff, economic advisers and administrative assistants.

Foreign affairs experts interviewed for the report warned that members of the Communist Party had been working at a foreign consulate for 16 years as part of a possible “state-sponsored spy ring,” an operation intelligence officials said was a violation of rules.

Republican foreign policy leader: The Chinese Communist Party is an omnipresent and aggressive adversary

The ensuing news confirms what has been a perennial topic of bipartisan debate on Capitol Hill: The Extent of The Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and interference in The United States is greater than many people realize.

Republican Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) told VOA there is a growing sense in Congress of what the Communist Party is doing.

File photo: Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL)

“The Chinese Communist Party is doing everything it can to infiltrate elected officials in the United States, trying to influence their votes and their behavior,” Scott said in an interview with VOA. “They are trying to infiltrate our university campuses through the Thousand Talent Plan. It’s all malice, and I think their goal is clearly to dominate the world.

“They know we are a beacon of hope, we are a beacon of freedom, and they don’t like what we stand for,” Senator Scott said.

Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in an interview with U.S. television news Tuesday that the Communist Party is a competitor to the United States in military, economic and cultural areas, but more importantly, ideological.

“We genuinely believe in democracy, and they genuinely believe in communism,” Senator Risch said. “They’ve really infiltrated everything from the military to the economy. They are a growing competitor, very aggressive, and they are everywhere in the world.”

Senator Risch is also a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said that as a member of the intelligence committee, he receives briefings almost daily from the U.S. intelligence community on Communist Party infiltration, which affects U.S. units at the local and federal levels. “This behavior by the Communist Party is widespread and ongoing,” Senator Risch said.

Senate Intelligence Chief: Hearing on Communist Party infiltration to be held soon next year

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a Twitter post Tuesday that the first hearing of the new Senate Intelligence Committee next year must focus on China’s work on espionage, influence and potential coercion of U.S. government officials, including members of Congress.

“The recent reports about Communist Party spies are just the tip of the iceberg,” Rubio said in a tweet.

Senator Marco Rubio, currently the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is expected to formally take the helm in the next Congress if Republicans retain control of the senate after a January 5 special election for a seat in Georgia.

“We have always can see (figure) of the Chinese government, they were obviously in Washington is very busy, but in fact they are so busy all over the country,” the senator said, “many countries usually only pay attention to in the capital and the federal government, but China is not only concerned about us, also pay attention to the local government, we can see from the case of whorwell, they began from the period he also in local politics.”

House Republican leader: FBI briefing Congress by Monday

In recent several Chinese penetration power elite news, suspected of the communist party of China spy fang fang infiltration in American politics a congressional attention all the more, the main because of events related to people by several members of congress, and even the democratic political star, the members of the house intelligence committee, whorwell (Rep. Eric Swalwell, D – CA). Although Swowell has not been charged with wrongdoing, criticism and concern is mounting among members of Congress.

Republican members of the House Oversight Committee sent a letter to the FBI Monday asking for a quick briefing of Congress on the case.

In a joint letter, the six Republican leaders of the House Oversight Committee subcommittee said the Chinese Communist Party’s activities in the United States “made significant progress, including interaction with a member of Congress who is a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees.”

The letter also noted that The Chinese government’s spying efforts mainly targeted Democratic politicians in the San Francisco area, but also included Democrats from across the country. Lawmakers asked the FBI to account for the extent and influence of active Agents of the Communist Party in the United States, and to find out if any other elected officials may have been compromised, or even without their knowledge.

In a joint letter Monday, lawmakers also asked Federal investigation Director Christopher Wray to give an staff-level briefing on the case by December 21.

Senate Republican: These cases should be a wake-up call in Washington politics

Senator Hawley said Washington politics must wake up and be ready in the face of the communist party’s pervasive infiltration.

“We have to be stricter when it comes to universities; We have to be stricter when it comes to visas, and when it comes to student visas, we have to make sure that they come here as real students and not as spies. We have to make sure that there are limits to the research program, “Hawley told VOA.

Hawley continued, “I can tell you that as a member of Congress, I’ve been briefed on the threat posed to us by the Chinese government. We have been told that the Chinese are actively pursuing a spy program, that they are actively trying to influence lawmakers, that they are actively trying to put people in their offices.”

“You have to take these things seriously and be vigilant,” Holly said.

While aware that Beijing is trying to undermine the existing U.S. order and leadership from within by encroachment from Washington, Hawley told VOA he worries that the biggest problem is a lack of awareness and alarm among U.S. policy makers about China.

“These (spy) should be our national security is an important wake-up call,” horry said, “should be a wake-up call, but I do not know to have, because now the problem is that the United States policy makers have a big debate, some people they don’t believe in the communist party of China is really a threat, no matter what happens, they don’t want to change, they want to contact in Beijing, they really don’t think the Chinese government have malicious. They want to keep buying cheap goods from China and they don’t care if our jobs go there or what they steal from us.”