Shareholders in SolarWinds, which has close ties to the Clinton family, have been questioned

Us media have revealed that SolarWinds, a software company that was used by hackers to break into the US Treasury and Commerce Department, has a large shareholder with close ties to the Obama and Clinton families and suspected ties to companies and individuals in Hong Kong.

According to a news website the gateway pundit, SolarWinds company mainly provide supporting information technology management software, the world has nearly 300000 customers, including the federal government, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Finance, the armed forces, as well as the European parliament, investigators believe that hackers invaded SolarWinds computer system, achieve the goal of monitor email traffic.

SolarWinds was acquired by private equity firms Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo in February 2016 and went public in an initial public offering in 2018.

According to A tweet from Dr. Quigley, Thoma Bravo was founded by Puerto Rican billionaire Orlando Bravo, who donated more than $100,000 to Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and two donations totaling $250,000 to the Democratic Party’s far-left PAC organization.

Thoma Bravo also bought Entrust in 2009 and DigiCert in 2015, both of which have proven themselves in at least half of the STATES in this election, and Entrust, which is also closely associated with a Shanghai-based “Live Ramp” company.

As for Silver Lake Capital (SLP), the other company that owns SolarWinds, its co-founder Glenn Hutchins is on the board of AT&T, a former adviser to Former President Bill Clinton and now a board member of the Obama Foundation. Hutchins left Silver Lake in 2018 and handed the company over to a partner, Hong Kong billionaire Kenneth Hao, who is also a board member of SolarWinds.

In short, the shareholders of SolarWinds are close to the Obama and Clinton families, active in the presidential election, and have ties to companies and individuals in China and Hong Kong.