The Senate and House of Representatives have subpoenaed to retain evidence of the 2020 election

On December 15th (Tuesday), because of concerns about the 2020 election fraud evidence was destroyed, the supervision of the house and senate committee issued a summons, Michigan requirements and Detroit Livonia (Livonia) two cities will be related to the election, such as hard disk used in the election campaign, email, used to meter reading absentee ballots laptop and other things related to the election turned over.

Michigan first issued a memo on November 28, ordering the state to remove election-related information from electronic voting laptops and flash drives on November 30. The memo reads: “Unless requested to reread the ballot and the reread has not been completed; Or a post-election audit is planned and has not yet been completed; Or retain data to be deleted at the request of a court or the Secretary of State, “or the state of Michigan will delete all information related to the election on November 30.

Michigan has often issued similar orders after every election, but in the current climate, pro-Trump lawmakers believe the move would destroy important evidence. On December 15th Michigan’s House and Senate oversight committees issued subpoenas forbidding the destruction of the data and materials.

Senator Ruth Johnson, Republican of Michigan, supported the subpoena, saying that she issued a similar order to destroy election data when she was secretary of state, but that the 2020 election was different.

“The integrity of the election should not be a partisan issue, and that evidence should be retained as lawsuits and audits go on, or oversight committees review the November election,” Johnson said. Only after these activities are over can the data be deleted for data privacy reasons.”