Rui Chenggang is reported to have had affairs with the wives of several senior officials

According to French media, Gu Liping is 20 years older than Rui chenggang, and the two are like siblings.

Rui Chenggang, the former CCTV anchor who was caught having affairs with the wives of more than 20 senior Communist Party officials, has reportedly been released from prison. After his release from prison, Rui chenggang has left Beijing for his hometown in Hefei, Anhui province, and is preparing to take a job in Hong Kong, according to a person familiar with the matter.

On Dec. 15, Beijing-based Multidimensional News said rui Chenggang, who had been out of public view for nearly six years, was rumored to have finished his sentence and left Beijing at a flash. Rui Chenggang is currently recuperating in his hometown of Hefei and will take up his post in Hong Kong after the outbreak eases, sources said Thursday.

Sources said rui was hired by one of Hong Kong’s largest listed property companies and one of the largest land banks in the city, which has built a number of residential and commercial projects in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

The person familiar with the matter declined to comment on Mr. Rui’s annual salary offer, saying only that he would focus on marketing and branding.

Rui chenggang, 43, was taken away for investigation by jilin prosecutors on July 11, 2014. After his arrest, a wealth of scandals broke out about him. Foreign media have sparked speculation that he was having affairs with the wives of more than 20 senior Communist Party officials, many of whom are between 20 and 30 years older than him, including Gu Liping, the wife of ling Jihua, then head of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Rui, in tears during interrogation, said he was sexually assaulted by Gu, saying he was a victim and confessing that he obtained internal secrets through his special relationship with Gu and provided them to foreign intelligence agencies, the report said.

Rui Chenggang is sentenced to 6 years in prison from May 18, 2015 for bribery and taking bribes, according to a photo of the execution notice issued by jiahe City Court of Jilin Province, North China’s Jilin Province, Feb 6, 2017.

After Rui chenggang went to prison, many wives of senior officials mobilized various efforts to “hunt people” without success, but Rui enjoys special treatment in prison, and Rui’s lawyers have the privilege to bring an IPAD to the detention center where he can “adjust his mood”. Rui can also go out to see a doctor because of toothache, and take a photo with doctors and nurses in the hospital.

Photos of Rui Chenggang serving his sentence have been released, making him a different person than he was before he was jailed. (Composite image)

He was reportedly well adapted to prison life and was responsible for the so-called “ideological education” of other prisoners. Internet exposure of his prison photos, wearing glasses and shaved his face haggard.

After rui chenggang was arrested, the communist party media published an article on WeChat public platform, rui chenggang youth won, destroyed him is his own. And that the reason for his accident, one is the heart is too big, the other is the heart is too urgent.

‘Rui is at best a fluent English reporter,’ the article said. Interview some celebrities, is the platform to give their own job. But he mistook his opportunity for his identity. To be too anxious means to be eager to add to one’s life, to be famous, to be rich, to be promoted. But if you go too far, you pay the price.

Rui chenggang just likes to get on top of the Communist Party, just like a FEMALE CCTV reporter trying to curry favor with zhou Yongkang and other senior officials. He tried to find a shortcut to get to the top, but was finally caught, according to An insider quoted by China Watch. Just in time to catch up with the accident of Ling Jihua, Rui Chenggang was a little fresh meat, very much appreciated by a number of senior officials’ wives.

Sources said that at the beginning, Ling jihua’s wife Gu Liping is a high-profile, Ling Jihua is zhongnanhai secretary, his wife criss-ranging business, more frequent appearances outside, this opportunity to catch up with Rui Chenggang. Rui in prison is to cling to the high-level bet wrong treasure, and finally get into trouble, so he was caught and sentenced is “little back”, but also deserved.

Rui chenggang is a political aspirant, a man with a keen head on his head who wants to climb the political ladder. The Communist Party system has an extreme worship of power, because once you hold power, you can bring everything, and many CCTV hosts want to get to know senior Communist Party officials, the source said. But it didn’t end well.