Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Recommendations Abroad Very popular collection

Four elements of health preservation:

Kindness is the nourishment of mental health, tolerance is the regulating valve of mental health,

Optimism is the mind health is not old Dan, indifferent to health is the mind immune agent.

Here are some of the most popular healthy lifestyles around the world that you can learn from.

Sing often

Foreign scientists have compared 20 old singers with their peers who seldom sing, and found that the singers have developed chest wall muscle, good cardiopulmonary function, and slow heart rate. The benefits of singing are no less than running, swimming, boating and so on. Many professional singers live more than 10 years longer than the average person. Singing can also change the composition of the human blood, which helps to improve the body’s immunity.

  1. Bask in the sun

The residents of New York state in the United States advocate the lifestyle of free time and sunshine. It is very good for the body to get more sunshine, because the sun itself contains a very nutritious ingredients, namely vitamin C and Vitamin D. But before basking in the sun, do not be sure to put on sunscreen first, so as not to get sunburnt. Winter sun exposure is necessary to regenerate dead areas of the body.

Walk in the rain

Shopping or walking in the light of a drizzle is a modern European or American fashion. A walk in the rain has more fitness benefits than a walk on a sunny day. A drizzle falls on the earth, can wash the dust and dirt, purify the air.

In addition, the large amount of ions generated by the pre-rain sun exposure and the early drizzle enjoy the reputation of “air vitamin”, which makes people feel relaxed and calm, and helps to eliminate the emotional depression easily caused by cloudy and rainy weather.

Four, less meat

Vegetarianism is in vogue in Russia. They believe that eating large amounts of all kinds of meat and its products can aggravate certain diseases or cause certain diseases. Under normal conditions, human body fluids including blood, intracellular and extracellular fluids are weakly alkaline, and the PH value of blood is 7.35-7.45.

The PH value in the human body is closely related to the food we eat. If the intake of acidic food is too much, greatly exceeding the limit of the PH system adjusted in the body, it will make the PH value imbalance in the body, and then cause the destruction of the acid-base balance. Therefore, the acidic and alkaline combination of food is very important for human health.

Five, after meal rest

In Japan and South Korea, “take a rest after dinner and then go for a hundred steps” has become a popular way to keep healthy.

If after a meal immediately engaged in intense sports or nervous mental work, it is necessary to withdraw a part of the blood from the digestive organ to support the body, resulting in insufficient blood of the digestive organ, thereby affecting digestion. At the same time, when muscle activity, sympathetic nerve excitement, can inhibit the activity of digestive organ, also can affect digestion similarly. It is also good for health to take a walk after dinner and participate in some recreational and sports activities that are not too stressful.

  1. Keep your chest up

Experts from the University of Missouri in the United States believe that raising your head and chest can not only make you look young and energetic, but also help reduce your back pain. Raising your head and chest will reduce the load on your spine and increase your vital capacity by 20%~50%. The more air you breathe in, the more oxygen your tissues get. When a person gets a greater supply of oxygen, his body will not tire easily.

Sit quietly and think

Take a break from the busy, calm down, sit quietly meditation 1-2 times a day, each time about 30 minutes, eliminate distractions, relax body and mind, help relieve nerve headache, blood pressure. Residents of Texas, US, are in the mood for this healthy wind. Sitting quietly also has a significant effect on the treatment or adjuvant treatment of various chronic diseases.

If people can sit still often, they will be calm, blood flow unimpeded, and diseases will not happen easily.

If you are constantly disturbed by anger, fear, sadness, or lust, you will suffer from maladjustment of qi and blood, resulting in various diseases for a long time. Such as the elderly, or weak, cold hands and feet in the winter, then sit quietly will feel warm hands and feet, it can be seen that sitting can make the blood flow, no matter. In the summer, when the weather is hot, sitting quietly cools the body.

Eight, the day lun Le

Spare time, share a family happiness, has been in Japan, southeast Asia some countries are quite popular. There is too much stress in our daily lives that needs to be reconciled in time.

“Home” is a great place to decompress. No matter how upset you feel at work during the day, you should actively adjust your mood after coming home and do some interaction with your relatives. You can play games with your children, cook a big dinner with your lover, watch a movie or read a book with your parents. Stick with it, and you’ll find yourself in a much better state of mind, which is good for your health.

Nine, step when the car

In order to step when the car in Europe and the United States has become increasingly popular. Like all long-lasting body movements, walking stimulates organs to burn calories, converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and reducing fat storage. If you walk a lot, you will lose weight and your curves will gradually improve.

Depressed and stressed people have been shown to improve their mood and confidence by walking for 30 minutes three-quarters of the time a week. A brisk walk can trigger the release of the happy hormone endorphin. This natural stress relieves physical symptoms such as insomnia, daytime fatigue, hunger pangs and loss of appetite.

Do good deeds

Do not make good small and do not, do not make evil small and do it! This is a famous sentence handed down through the ages.

First of all, a person who does good deeds will be respected and respected by people. Whether it’s a big good or a small good, it will be rewarded differently. In doing good, the beneficiary will be grateful to you, and the good deeds will be circulated in a virtuous circle, which will be passed on through our lives and serve as practical lessons for future generations.

Secondly, people who do good deeds will obtain an indescribable psychological satisfaction, which helps to strengthen the immune system and regulate the “unity” of body and mind, which is conducive to a long and healthy life.