Can dementia be prevented? 2 keys to easily Prevent brain degeneration

To prevent losing your mind, you need two things: “old friends” and “new things”. In his book, Simple And Sufficient: 52 Key Words for A Subtractive Regimen, Doctor Lausanne said, what’s wrong with losing your mind? There are a lot of diseases that cause people to have symptoms like “dementia,” and yes, dementia is not a disease, it’s a symptom. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause, accounting for about 60~ 80%. There are also cerebrovascular diseases, endocrine and metabolic diseases, trauma, infections, brain tumors and other possible causes of dementia.

Don’t catch on. Watch out for smart phones

You can dress or change your phone in the latest fashion, but when it comes to things like illness, it’s better not to keep up. Dementia, cancer, three high problems, sleep disorders, poor bone density… It used to be a problem for the old, but now it’s also a threat to the young. In recent years, the age group of dementia has a downward trend. Japanese neurosurgeons are the first to issue the warning of “smartphone dementia”. Please pay more attention to avoid excessive use of 3C products, which may cause brain overwork.

It’s best to be alert when you’re feeling restless, tired, depressed, having trouble sleeping, forgetting an important client’s name, or forgetting to attend an important meeting. According to statistics, the entire Taiwan about 12,000 people have been diagnosed as young dementia, 30 to 64 years old this section, on average every one thousand people have one. The number could be much higher, with the diagnosis rate estimated at only 30%. Because dementia is often understood as a degenerative disease that can easily be acquired by older people, symptoms in younger patients are more likely to be classified as depression, manic depression, and dysthymia. Know your enemy and know your enemy, and now learn what it’s like to lose your mind caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

Think brain Chuck? Something did get stuck

As for the cause of Alzheimer’s, it is now known to be linked to brain cell failure, and the most likely suspect is a “amyloid beta protein” plaque. It is thought to cause damage to the brain’s neurons, triggering a cascade of memory, cognition and overall mental function. Please note the following 10 warning signs:

  1. You become anxious when you leave your comfort zone.
  2. Neglect the grooming and cleaning of the body.

Speaking and writing have difficulty in using words.

Four, feel confused and confused about time, place and space.

Step out of your social circle and rarely go out with friends.

  1. Repeat the same thing, repeat the shopping, repeat the medicine.
  2. Keep items out of common sense, such as glasses in the refrigerator.

Eight, can not complete the usual familiar business, such as home lost, coffee sugar added salt.

Nine, poor judgment, easy to fall into the trap of fraud (young often cheated not count).

Ten, the memory becomes worse, belongs to the real forgetting (later can think of not to count).

A cure is hard, but prevention is not at all hard

I’m sorry to tell you that a cure for Alzheimer’s, like a truly effective COVID-19 vaccine, is still being developed and tested. There is still no drug that can cure Alzheimer’s, and the only way to slow behavioral symptoms is through drugs and non-drugs. But the good news is that prevention has been found! In addition to excluding some risk factors, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and insufficient physical activity, I have summarized the three most effective methods:

◎ Method One:

Have at least two close friends or family members you can count on to help you in case you are in trouble. The more optimistic and secure you are, the less likely you are to be disturbed by dementia.

◎ Method two:

New connections that create circuits in the brain decay and die of old age, but no matter how old you live, you can still use new gadgets to help you create new circuits in the brain. Think of your brain as a city, and when you have hundreds or thousands of roads, even if one is blocked, it doesn’t matter much. Read a new book, visit places you’ve never been, learn new skills, learn a new language, get a new pet, eat new meals you’ve never eaten… Each new experience reinforces the brain’s physical makeup. Preventing disease can be a very happy process. You enjoy the new, experience the new, and benefit from it.

◎ Method three:

The advantage of neuropeptide factor in protecting brain is that it can increase the plasticity of nerve cells, protect brain nerve cells, resist nerve inflammation, resist oxidation, and delay the degeneration of nerve injury caused by external forces and diseases. To prevent dementia, I have started from three aspects: “calming neurons”, “protecting nerve cells” and “strengthening neural network connections”. The body has the so-called body fitness, the brain also has belongs to the brain “brain fitness”, understand it, pay attention to it, strengthen it, maintain it, you are a healthy victory group of lifetime members.