As long as you don’t have more than four of the six signs that a man is starting to age congratulations you’re still in good health

A lot of men are feeling, ah, imperceptibly he is old, so, what are the special signs of man aging? Many people say that men age is a hair to bleach, muscle relaxation, in fact, this is not correct, because most of the time, if the pressure is big, the sleep quality is bad, can also lead to hair grow in quantity, appear even be prematurely grey, if lack of exercise, eating fatty foods for a long time, can lead to fat, muscle relaxation.

The real aging of men is mainly due to the aging of internal organs, especially the following six signs.

First, men begin to age, often seeing chest pain and tightness, which becomes apparent after activity. With age, the function of the heart begins to decline, the coronary arteries that supply the heart begin to narrow, and there is a higher risk of myocardial ischemia.

Second, as men begin to age, they often suffer from constipation. As they grow older, their intestines will become more verbose and their peristaltic function will become worse. Therefore, the older they get, the more likely they will be constipated.

Third, when a man begins to age, his blood pressure often rises. When he is young, he has no diseases, but as he grows older, his blood pressure becomes higher and higher. This is because aging leads to the loss of elasticity of the arteries.

Fourth, the man began to age, easy to appear osteoporosis, a lot of people look like it is ok, but in fact, the inside of the bone has been degenerative change, bone more osteoporosis, so for the elderly, must not fall, once falling, osteoporosis often cause the occurrence of fracture.

Fifth, as men age, they are prone to dizziness and headaches. Men are at higher risk of stroke as they get older, due to the narrowing of their blood vessels in the brain, which is caused by aging.

Sixth, as men age, their concentration and memory decline, they are more likely to suffer from insomnia, fatigue and fatigue.

As long as you don’t have more than four of the above six signs, you’re still in good health. In fact, men’s health starts to deteriorate in their 40s, so it’s worth taking precautions.