17 Lawmakers urged Pelosi to remove scandal-tainted lawmaker from Office

Seventeen Republicans in the House of Representatives wrote to Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday (December 15) urging her to immediately remove Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee.

Swawell was recently caught up in the Communist Party’s “honey trap” scandal. Axios reported last week that Fang Fang, or Christine Fang, a suspected Chinese Communist spy, had close ties to a number of U.S. politicians, including Swawell, a California Democrat. The FBI intervened and intervened, even giving Swowell a “Defense Briefing”.

Swawell and the Chinese communist spy once had a close relationship is an unacceptable national security risk

“Because of Representative Swawell’s position on the House Permanent Intelligence Committee, his close interactions with the Chinese [Communist] intelligence community, whether unintended or not, are an unacceptable national security risk,” 17 Republicans wrote in the letter.

The letter said the intelligence committee “deals with some of the most sensitive information in the government’s possession, which is vital to national defense.”

“We urge you to immediately remove Representative Swawell from the House Intelligence Committee.” The letter said.

The letter was signed by house Minority Whip Steve Scalise, Jim Banks, Chip Roy, Liz Cheney and Paul Gosar.

Republican lawmakers criticized Pelosi for two sets of criteria

They note that Pelosi denounced former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in 2017 as “unfit to serve” after he reportedly failed to tell Congress about his two meetings with the Russian ambassador. She asked him to resign then.

In the letter, the house representatives wrote that Swawell withheld information about communist party spying against him from the House Intelligence Committee for five years. “It is clear that Congressman Swawell’s dealings with Chinese [Communist] spies are more dangerous and unusual than former Attorney General Sessions’ meetings with Russian diplomats.”

Republicans also allege swawell used his position on the House Intelligence Committee to raise attacks on “President Donald Trump’s unverified links to Russia,” while refusing to explain his connection to the Communist Party spy report.

Representative: Swawell will either have to leave the committee or answer

Representative CHRIS STEWART, Republican of Utah, told Fox News On Tuesday that members of Congress, especially those in very sensitive positions, are being targeted by the Communist Party.

“We know that the Chinese Communist Party is targeting companies, academics, and they are targeting members of the [Senate] congress, members of the Senate and members of the government. That should surprise no one.” He said.

Stewart said: “that is, vevey’s failures great place in this area. Keep the relationship with this person, she (the communist party of China (female) was a spy is a Chinese student. She has just come to the United States. She is very positive in terms of relations with politicians. She helps him to raise money. God, how college students have the ability to help members of congress to raise funds? This is a dangerous signal.”

He went on to say: “I think during our investigation he (vevey’s) should be removed. He definitely need to answer the question, but he refused to answer. He can’t just keep silent. He can’t the news of two sentence statement, then shut up, and then expect to come in and we sat together (intelligence) in the committee, and we continue to study very very sensitive information. He or pulling out of commission, or must answer the question.”

Chinese Communist Party “honey trap” background

Swawell, who left the U.S. in 2015 after entering California’s political arena, was one of Fang’s targets, Axios reported. She has also had romantic relationships with at least two unnamed Midwestern mayors.

According to the report, Ms. Fang first came into contact with Ms. Swavoer through the Chinese Student Association, and by 2014 she had established ‘close contact’ with Mr. Swavoer’s office.

Fang also reportedly arranged for at least one intern in Swawell’s office and interacted with him at various events over the past few years.

According to a Facebook screenshot taken by The Daily Mail, Fang was a “friend” of the Swarovels on social media until last Wednesday. Both His brother Joshua Swalwell and his father Eric Swalwell Sr. are among Fang fang’s friends.

In addition, the two sides often interact with each other. Fang fang sent a photo of the two brothers thumb up to Joshua in 2016. Old swowell also took two photos of fang fang in the past two years (the last one was this march), thumb up.

Swawell’s father and brother removed her from their friend circle late last Wednesday after fang fang’s scandal went viral on the Internet.