Unprecedented: 7 States electoral College duel to prove Democrats cheated

Yesterday was December 14th, the official day of the electoral College. But a total of seven states voted for the two sets of voting, in these states, the democratic electoral college according to official results, voted for the democratic nominee Joe biden and kamala Harris at the same time, the republican electoral college that election fraud litigation no answers, no recognition results, and they also voted for a republican candidate trump and burns.

Thus Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona — six battleground swing states — and one upstart, New Mexico — have produced two sets of electoral votes, one officially recognized and one called the “alternative vote” by Republicans themselves. Both sets of electoral votes will go to Congress, where they will be issued by the house and Senate on January 6.

Before the election, each party chooses its own electoral college, which usually votes for the candidate who wins the popular vote in that state. Only two states, Maine and Nebraska, do not follow the winner-takes-all rule and allocate their electors proportionally.

Of the 538 electoral votes in the United States, California has the largest population and the largest number of electoral votes, 55. Before the election, California’s Democrats and Republicans had each elected 55 electors. Because Biden won in California, the 55 electors elected by the Democrats today went to the state capital to cast their votes, which is officially recognized.

The current occurrence of two sets of electoral votes in seven states is a phenomenon known as “dueling electors”. Under the U.S. Constitution, when the House and Senate meet, they must study “all certificates and documents that claim to be electoral votes.”

The Electoral College duel is not without precedent. Pennsylvania’s Republican College cited the 1960 election as an example in its statement after the Electoral College vote. Democrats John F. Kennedy and Republicans Richard Nixon were very close, and there were disputes over fraud and fraud, with their last contested state coming in Hawaii.

In 1960 Hawaii, a newly admitted state, held its first general election, although the governor certified Nixon as the winner and republican caucus-goers voted for him. But the Democratic Caucus disapproved of the result, challenged it, and their Electoral College voted for Kennedy. Finally, 11 days after the electoral vote, the governor’s certification was overturned and Kennedy was confirmed as the winner of Hawaii, flipping the state’s certified results.

For their part, the Trump team and the Republican Party are hoping for a repeat of what happened in Hawaii in 1960. They are urging republican electoral College votes in swing states in an effort to win some time over legal challenges.

Today, mainstream media are announcing that Biden has been officially elected. But according to the Constitution, there is only one time to determine who the PRESIDENT of the United States is: he is legally recognized only after taking the oath of office on January 20. The Constitution also says that, assuming the president is not elected until January 20 of the following year, the speaker of the House of Representatives shall act as president until all issues are resolved and then the president is chosen. The current speaker of the House of Representatives is Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, but it is not known whether a new speaker will be chosen before January 20, because the congress is a new one.

Trump White House aide Stephen Miller told Fox News yesterday that the state-by-state electoral college vote could not mark the end of the election process, and he said Republican electoral votes from swing states would go to Congress, which would ensure the Trump team had enough time to appeal. If they win in court, they have a chance to overturn the certifying results of some states.

He said that until January 20, the Trump team has a chance to turn things around through legal means. As long as the court finds that fraud has occurred and the election result is disputed, the state legislatures have the power to revoke the electoral college appointment.

So does the Trump team stand a chance of winning a legal battle? There have been few cases in which he has won, and even the Supreme Court has rejected the Texas case, mocking Trump’s “hopeless” attempt.

But yesterday, the Trump team got a crucial piece of substantive evidence about election fraud. A report by an independent third party survey found that the Dominican voting machines used in Antrim County, Michigan, had “clearly set errors,” with a vote-counting error rate of 68.05%, 85,000 times the required error rate. The record, the adjudication of the vote on the machine, and the one that was secured until 11pm on November 4th, has all gone.

Brahms LAN (Russell Ramsland) is in charge of the investigation of the joint Security working Group (Allied Security Operations Group) partners, members of his organization including the original department of defense, homeland Security and the cia officials, mainly engaged in network Security and open source network penetration testing, including NASA (NASA) and the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT).


“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System has deliberately and purposefully created in-system errors for the purpose of systematic fraud in order to influence election results,” Ramslan said in the report.

Ramslan provided two video links posted by netizens in the report, demonstrating the Dominion’s numerous problems. A dozen ballots can be scanned multiple times; After a blank ballot is scanned, it can be manually counted.

In addition, the error rate of the Dominion is very high. After the ballots are scanned, they will not be counted and will need to be looked at by staff for manual counting. As a result, a large number of Trump votes have been artificially filtered, with the predictable result that trump votes will not be recorded in his name if the staff has other plans. In Fulton County and Gwinnett County, Georgia’s most controversial counties, and Maricopa County, Arizona, the Dominion reported 106,000, 80,000 and 28,000 errors, respectively, according to online video.

Antrim County was the first place to report problems with the Dominion. It is a small county, with fewer than 20,000 people turning out to vote, and is traditionally a red county, where Republican candidates typically win. But the results of this year’s election were surprising.

A county Republican party news conference on November 6 revealed that a county election official who questioned the results of the election found that as many as 6,000 votes for President Trump had been scanned and registered for Biden in a county with fewer than 20,000 votes.

The county manually changed the results, putting Trump well ahead of Biden in this traditionally red county. Biden had an initial lead of more than 2,000 votes, but after correction, Trump had a lead of 4,000. This is the first time domini has been exposed as having a problem.

But in the face of skepticism, Michigan Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson explained that the error in counting in Antry County was human error and that the Dominion was not the problem because election officials were wrong in uploading the results. Mainstream media outlets have also echoed Benson’s comments in fact-checking, criticizing Trump supporters for being alarmist. But questions about the Dominion’s ability to leave a back door and change the vote count began to mount. And in Antrim County, there are 22 Dominion voting machines, and the Dominion is used in 49 counties in Michigan and over 2,000 counties in the United States. Serious problems are reported in the Dominion, not only in Michigan but also in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, among others.

A local Antry County resident, William Bailey, a real estate agent and county planning commissioner, filed a lawsuit Nov. 23 in the Federal 13th Circuit Court accusing the county of electoral fraud and asking for permission for third parties to investigate the Dominion vote-counting machine.


President Trump’s hero, real estate agent William Bailey

In the lawsuit, Bailey did not mention the vote tampering at all. Instead, he went out of his way. He accused his town of passing a marijuana-related ordinance by just one vote in the November 3rd election, and demanded investigation of the Dominion because he believed the counting was flawed and his right to vote had been violated. If he directly challenges the outcome of the presidential election, it is likely that his suit, like dozens of lawsuits by the Trump team, will be dismissed by left-wing or life-threatening judges.

Bailey’s clever suit was answered in court. On December 4, a Circuit court judge in Michigan finally ordered a forensic investigation of the 22 Dominion voting machines, tabulating machines, thumb drives, related software and “master tabulating machines” for clerks in Antrim County.

Bailey himself paid Ramslan’s team to investigate. In fact, the results were already in, and the guaranteed news was supposed to be released on Thursday, before the Electoral College vote. But Benson, the secretary of state, and the state judge stopped him. Fox News also covered the issue, citing Republican sources familiar with the matter who said Benson was worried about being exposed for lying about the Dominion. It is not until today, the day of each state’s Electoral college vote, that the judges are compelled to publish.

According to The Ramslan report, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) determined that the permissible error rate should be 0.0008%, or one error per 250,000 votes cast. But his team’s forensic examination showed that as many as 68 percent of the 15,676 votes were recorded with errors, leading to a large number of votes requiring a decision on who to vote for. In other words, a significant number of Trump votes were apparently registered for Biden during the manual verification process. “This high error rate demonstrates a vulnerability in the Dominion Voting system that is inconsistent with state and federal election laws,” the report said. The report also says Dominion’s voting machines are also capable of connecting to the Internet, which is also non-voting.

“Based on preliminary results, we conclude that the (Dominion) error is so serious that the integrity and legitimacy of the Dominion 2020 election results are in doubt to justify the election results,” the report concludes. “Given that the other 48 counties in Michigan use the same machines and software, this raises questions about the integrity of elections throughout Michigan.”

Ramslan’s report cited the executive order signed by President Trump in 2018, which pointed to Dominion’s participation in the U.S. election as a national security issue that needs urgent treatment.

The report, published by a third party, is so powerful that it can be directly cited in future sessions as conclusive evidence of election fraud. And other states are on the move, with the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee announcing it will issue subpoenas to investigate the Dominion – counting software, machines, ballots and more.

The Amistad Project of Tomsmo, a legal group, said it would file lawsuits in a number of swing states asking judges to “retain” evidence related to voter fraud allegations after the company that audited voting machines in Antrim County, Mich., released its report.

Phill Kline, the group’s director, said: “We are filing applications in all swing states asking judges to step in and preserve the evidence so that it is not destroyed or damaged by deliberate or reckless action by an administrator.”

The move came after a Michigan judge issued an order allowing Allied Security Operations Group to release its audit of voting machines. Mr. Klein said on Twitter that the purpose of filing the court documents was to give lawmakers access to voter and election data to make decisions.

The first domino of Dominoes has fallen, and there will be more to come. As President Trump said: The battle has only just begun.