Joe’s secretary of state suddenly announced a signature review of cobb County ballots

A teller processes postal ballots at a warehouse in Maryland on Oct. 7, 2020.

Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, announced on Monday that an audit of mail-in ballots would be conducted in Cobb County, which would take about two weeks to complete.

On Monday, The Augusta Chronicle reported that Secretary of State John Ravenspauger announced a signature matching audit of absentee ballots in Cobb County to give voters confidence in The integrity of The state’s Jan. 5 runoff senate election.

Jenny Martin, co-founder of The Tea Party Patriots and a Washington Times columnist, tweeted that an audit must include three consistent signatures on a document, on an absentee ballot application and on the outside of the envelope.

Before this year’s US election, Democrats used the COVID-19 outbreak as a reason to encourage voters to vote by mail and absentee ballot, leading to widespread electoral fraud across the country.

In Georgia, a record 1.3 million absentee ballots were cast in November, and state officials did not require proper verification of signatures.

President Trump initially led Democratic candidate Joe Biden by 110,000 votes in the State on Election Night, but corrupt Democratic election officials declared a halt to the counting at 10:25 PM and kicked Republican observers out of the Counting center at the State Farm Arena.

Exactly a month later, Trump’s legal team released a video that revealed that after the ouster of the Republican pollster, four election workers who had been left behind pulled suitcases full of votes from under a table and secretly counted the votes. The election workers were said to have counted the votes for about two hours without supervision.

The video came on the night that Brian Kemp, The governor of Joe State, made an unusual call in an interview with Fox News for a mail-in ballot to be audited for signatures. But Kemp did not live up to his promise, and the state eventually certified the results of unsigned ballots.

Later, photographs and evidence of Kemp and Ravenspauger colluding with The Interests of the Communist Party were published in the media. Lin Wood, a Joe state lawyer, tweeted on December 14th, asserting that they would go to jail. President Donald Trump also retweeted the tweet.

“President Trump is a really good guy and he really doesn’t like firing people. I bet he didn’t like putting people, especially ‘Republicans’ in prison. He gave Camp and Ravenspauger every chance they could have done well [but] they turned it down. They’re going to jail.” Wood said.

The tweets included photos of Camp and Raffensperger wearing masks with the Chinese Communist Party’s blood flag painted on them.

It was on this day that Laffensperger announced that mailing ballots would be audited for signatures. Questions have been raised as to whether the directive can be effectively implemented.