Chinese rich in Australian mansions: Surrounded by beautiful women

The sales record of luxury houses in Australia has been set by Chinese people almost all these years. What is it like for these rich Chinese to live in a luxurious mansion in Australia? People of the World offers a glimpse.

The Chinese tycoons of Australian mansions

In 2013, Wang Zhijun, a Chinese property developer, paid 52 million Australian dollars for a luxury house with a view of the Sydney sea, becoming the first Chinese to set a new record for a luxury house in Sydney, according to the article. Since then, the mansion has changed hands several times, but all in an “internal circulation” among Chinese buyers. A few years later it was sold to the Huang family, a printing magnate from Shantou, for A $60m, and last year it was sold to A Chinese businessman Zhou Zerong for A $70m, a record for the most expensive villa in Australia.

At the end of 2015, Zhang Xuansong, head of a supermarket chain from China’s Yonghui, bought a luxury house in Australia with a $36 million.

In 2016, Chinese food producer Sun Shaofeng paid A $20 million for a Sydney mansion in the same neighborhood as Zhang’s.

In 2016, an unnamed 27-year-old young man from China paid a $52 million for a luxury house with an ocean view in Sydney.

In 2020, a young Chinese couple spent 23 million Australian dollars to buy a luxury house. As soon as they got it, they planned to demolish and rebuild it, because they were not satisfied with the old decoration. They also had another penthouse apartment worth 10 million Australian dollars in Australia…

The life of China’s rich: tip 100, 000 beautiful women surrounded by luxury

The article noted that one of the most exaggerated tycoons to come to light was a Chinese businessman named Guo Kuizhang. Among China’s many rich, Guo Kuizhang is not at the top of the financial ladder, and his fame is associated with two mansions. One is the now-demolished “Sea Palace” in Shenzhen.

Guo reportedly spent hundreds of millions of yuan to build a floating “palace on the sea” covering thousands of square meters in the waters of Dongshan Bay, South Australia, in Shenzhen. Built in 2003, it was identified as “illegal construction” by the relevant departments in 2005, but it has stood for years. It was not until April 8, 2011 that the “palace on the Sea” was completely demolished.

After the mansion in Shenzhen was demolished, Guo Kuizhang moved to Australia to continue his luxurious mansion life.

In 2014, Guo paid A $11.45 million for a 3,569 square meter home in Sydney’s wealthy neighborhood. The mansion is equipped with a garden, a swimming pool, a large lawn…

To celebrate the completion of his “new house,” Guo invited stars such as Xu Zheng and Zhao Wei to visit his mansion.

In addition to celebrities, Guo often holds parties in his luxurious mansion to entertain friends from all over the world, including the rich and famous, surrounded by beautiful women.

Karim Gharbi, an event planner who organizes high-end parties for the wealthy, has seen firsthand how big the party is for China’s wealthy. Karim Gharb estimated the one-off tip at more than 30,000 Australian dollars (about 145,000 yuan).

Of China’s 70 million high-income earners, 10 million are willing to emigrate to Australia

An Australian consulting firm once conducted a survey report called “Chinese Investment&Oz Housing”, which said that if conditions permit, as many as 10 million of China’s 70 million high-income earners will be willing to emigrate to Australia.

Australian luxury houses are a means of asset transfer.

A luxury house is often “cycled” in the hands of several wealthy Chinese, and the money in China is taken out to buy a house, which then changes hands in Australia and becomes a clear free asset.

Therefore, when Chinese rich people buy Australian houses, they are often very frank, and some luxury houses are even through the Internet transaction, just see a video and photos on the decision, let Australians jaw-dropping! Increase the prestige of the Chinese people. This kind of pursuit of Australian real estate heat, all year round, even this year’s epidemic has not been able to affect.

Monika Tu, founder of Australian real estate firm Black Diamondz, says she has sold A $85 million worth of prime real estate since March, about half of it to Chinese nationals in Australia left behind by the outbreak.

Australia has long been a playground for China’s super-rich.