Baidu’s input method AI glide input goes live

In today’s fast-paced life, no matter study, work or interpersonal communication, the word “efficiency” is emphasized. Especially when the mobile phone carries more and more functions and services, mobile input method, as the entrance of all our input, search, communication, naturally also need to ensure efficiency. Recently, Baidu input method launched a new feature “AI glide input”, according to the user’s finger glide trend can easily input, and the accuracy rate exceeds the industry’s highest level of 15%, known as the input efficiency of “accelerator”.

It is understood that the newly launched “AI Glide Input” is the first time to introduce the Attention technology into the field of glide input in China. The previous “glide input” requires a high degree of precision, requiring users to slide their fingers to the precise key position, which makes typing not only slow, but also frequently leads to typos and missing words, which is naturally inefficient. Baidu input method with leading AI technology to “reinvent” glide input, breaking the past limitations on the precise trajectory in one fell swoop, with the sliding trajectory can be accurately predicted, allowing users to enter and communicate more efficiently.

In addition to the new function of AI glide input, Baidu input method also made a major upgrade to the two functions of “handwriting” and “free speaking dialect”. Based on Baidu’s self-developed deep learning platform, Flying Paddle, and using the best deep learning model in NLP, the recognition accuracy of Baidu’s handwriting input is improved to 96%, leading the industry. At the same time, the dialect free speech function has also been upgraded, expanding the voice recognition of six dialect accents including Hebei, Kunming and Wuhan, as well as Cantonese, Fujian and Wu, allowing users to type freely in the dialect without switching specific languages.

Baidu Input Method has been continuously using AI technology to give new possibilities to its products. If you want to experience a more efficient input method, why not explore it with Baidu Input Method?