Hungry U.S. group subsidies war seedlings again takeaway market again set off market share battle

The competition between takeaway platforms has never been extinguished, the focus of competition between the two has long since begun to migrate from the C-side users to the B-side merchants, although the takeaway platform is still in the way of subsidies, but the takeaway market subsidies waning as early as the hungry was acquired by Ali has begun, until this year, the takeaway market to maintain soon the subsidies waning situation has begun to change.

In August of this year, the hungry started “10 billion subsidies,” the normalization of this ongoing subsidy activities also let the delivery platform has long been quelled between the subsidy war has rekindled the tip of. It is also a good idea to use the “10 billion” subsidy to cover the city, which is a good indicator of Hungry’s determination for this long-term subsidy, as well as Hungry’s determination to regain market share. In the early days of Hungry proposed “10 billion subsidies”, Meituan Takeout also attempted to launch a “10 billion meal supplement” program, although Meituan Takeout’s campaign lasted only five days, but the industry is also seen as a “10 billion subsidies” for Hungry. “A” counterattack, the two sides of the market share struggle is far from stopping.

“Ten billion subsidies” is hungry in August 27, this year, the official launch of the subsidy activities, hungry repeatedly stressed that the “ten billion subsidies” will become normalized subsidies action. It’s not just a matter of time before we get to the point where we can’t do anything about it,” he said. At first, the “10 billion” subsidies were focused on 24 cities. In the past few years, there have been a number of companies that have been able to offer a wide range of services, such as food and beverage, as well as lifestyle services. According to Hungry, with the advancement of the 10 billion subsidies project, the scope of subsidies will continue to expand to the full range of categories, including general merchandise, medicine, snacks, fresh fruit, rice, noodles, oil, pet supplies and so on. The upcoming double 11, ten billion subsidies will be hungry to launch one of the key benefits to consumers.

The original takeaway market has been quelled by the subsidy war also launched this year with the hungry to regenerate ripples of the “10 billion subsidies”. In the hungry at the beginning of the subsidy activities on line, Meituan takeout is also on August 27, quietly on the “10 billion meal supplement” activities, Meituan takeout in the introduction of the campaign, said, “10 billion meal supplement” is a platform joint value-aligned businesses, through long-term and Diversity of preferential activities, together with the benefits of subsidies given to users. This activity is also interpreted by the industry as a “counterattack” against the new round of subsidies set off by the hungry takeout.

In this regard, hungry relevant person in charge of the interview with the Beijing Business Daily reporter said, hungry for the “ten billion subsidies” since the online effect is good, participating in subsidized business orders growth rate than daily doubled. We have been in a competitive environment, other delivery platforms to follow up on the normal. Double 11 during our ten billion subsidies will double 11 activities in parallel, continuing to benefit consumers, we are very confident in the strength of the hungry activities.

Beijing Business News reporter also contacted the Meituan takeout, Meituan takeout relevant responsible person said, “10 billion meal supplement” is Meituan takeout 2 months ago to launch a promotional activity, the user can participate in activities to receive takeaway red envelopes, the activity is now over. From the response of Meituan takeout, Meituan takeout did not the “10 billion meal supplement” activity and hungry “10 billion meal supplement” benchmark, and the activity will be characterized as a “promotional activity. “rather than “subsidized activities”.

The “subsidy” has been an important way for takeaway platforms to grab market share, in the takeaway market has been settled again set off “subsidy fight”, it is also considered hungry to be able to further regain market share in the field of local life. (English article) Lei Yanqun, vice president of local life at Ali Life, has also responded to this, saying that the volume of the local life market where the hungry is located is very large, and that competition in this area is a long war, with entrants competing for the efficiency of matching resources. Hungry is also accelerating the integration of the Ali system, as well as the local life service industry, the construction of digital ecology, and will further expand the young consumer market, these are the competitive advantages of Ali’s local life.

Some analysts believe that the subsidy war between the hungry and Meituan takeout has rekindled the seedlings, but at this stage of the subsidy and the previous subsidy war will also have very obvious differences, now the subsidy is no longer just to attract traffic, but on the basis of subsidies to grasp the B-side of the merchants, enhance the viscosity of the merchants, users of the platform, and grasp the time to increase the layout of the B-side of the business, and now the hungry backed by Ali to speed up the integration. Meituan has been catering as its core business, and both have their own competitive advantages, and now that subsidies are being raised again, the pattern of the takeaway market may also be regenerating as a result, and the competition between the two is far from over.