A yunnan official who raped a 4-year-old girl has been released from prison two years early, sparking an outcry

Guo Yuchi, who raped a 4-year-old girl, has been released from jail with a reduced sentence, it has been revealed.

Guo Yuchi, director of the Public Sector Reform Commission office in Daguan County, Yunnan Province, who raped a 4-year-old girl in 2013, has been released from prison more than two years earlier on December 24, 2018, Internet users reported recently. The news immediately caught the attention of the outside world and became a hot search on Weibo. Guo’s sentence was reduced three times because he “showed repentance” during his sentence, according to the prison. However, a large number of Chinese netizens believe that the nature of the rape of the young girl is too bad to be used for commutation, and question the role of Yunnan’s public security law in the case.

On August 24, 2013, Guo Yuchi, director of the Office of the Public Sector Reform Commission in Daguan County, Yunnan Province, was on his way home when he saw his 4-year-old daughter, Surnamed Wang, playing by the roadside. He took her away and tried to rape her, according to mainland media reports. Soon after, he picked wang up again and took her home to rape her, causing her genitals to break.

According to the medical certificate of The People’s Hospital of Daguan County, at 2:20 a.m. on January 25, 2013, the police took Wang to the hospital for a gynecological examination. The examination showed that Wang had no laceration of the vulva, congestion and redness in the labia minora, no obvious laceration of the anus, no obvious laceration of the hymen, and no obvious laceration or crack in the hymen.

At the first instance of the case, the court found Guo guilty of rape, and the rape of a girl under the age of 14 should be severely punished, but guo was sentenced to five years in prison because he voluntarily confessed. On December 6 of the same year, the case was retried. The court of second instance sentenced her to eight years in prison for rape, and the sentence will be executed until August 24, 2021.

The victim’s lawyer said that guo yuchi agreed to compensate Wang for 150,000 yuan in exchange for a letter of understanding, so the final sentence was not more than 10 years. The court sentenced him to eight years in prison, and his family did not object.

Guo yuchi was released from prison on December 24, 2018, having had his sentence commuted three times for “repentance during his sentence”, according to chinamil.com.cn. Guo’s sentence was reduced two years and eight months in total.

A staff member of The Zhaotong Prison in Yunnan said there are no specific regulations on commutation or parole for rapists. In terms of commutation, the Bureau of Prisons has issued relevant documents, including how to reduce, how to score and so on. In terms of commutation, only for criminals involved in crime and crimes will the “limit the range of commutation” be stricter. For other types of prisoners, there are clear rules in commutation, ranging from why they should be reduced to what they usually do.

Many netizens expressed dissatisfaction with guo’s sentence reduction and the prison’s response, and the topic quickly became a hot search on Weibo. Many netizens believe that Guo yuchi’s crime nature is bad, not only not severely punished but also ended his sentence in advance, which is the biggest blasphemy and injury to the victim. “Is this how the state protects young girls? I’m really disappointed with the trials that we have in this country on sexual assault and rape.

How do you judge repentance? By acting?

Throw up.. Four-year-old girl!! Four!! Yunnan Public Security Law!

Only know to laugh at South Korea’s Zhao Douchun, little do not know how many yuan, see passion fruit girl, stabbed blind eyes and then raped and killed, was sentenced to death with a reprieve

18 years for writing an article, 8 years for raping a young girl and two years and eight months ahead of time, you know who I’m talking about…

The cost of a rapist’s crime is so low

Yunnan’s judiciary is indeed full of loopholes from Sun Xiaoguo can see the corruption and breakdown of the local judicial system

The hymen is not broken? Is the case officer out of his mind? Does it have to break? Deep well ice! Does it break without being hurt?

The Chinese version of suyuan case, the Chinese version of Zhao Douchun, the public security law, hehe, as long as the acting can be commuted, how much of the reduction depends on the acting?

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The family of the alleged victim, Surnamed Wang, did not speak out as Guo’s sentence was commuted and he was released early from prison.

Wang’s lawyer said the family moved out of Daguan county after the case ended, and it is unclear whether they knew about Guo’s commutation or release from prison.

Lawyers also said that one is not rich, wang mou Wang Fu working outside all the time, mother opened a small barber shop “cut a hair is about 5 yuan”, at the beginning in order to win the lawsuit, in borrowing usury, “borrowed 50000 ask a lawyer, I know, give them back, only symbolic the agency fee of a dollar money.”

Wang’s father previously told Red Star News that since the incident, the child has been criticized every day. “If there is a place to go, if you want to leave, give the child a new name.”

According to public information, some Western countries have special requirements for some rapists released after serving their sentences. In the United States, juvenile rapists are released from prison, required to wear GPS, wrist warning signs and electronic trackers, register their homes with the local police, stay within half a mile of kindergarten and middle school campuses, and post their personal information and photos in their communities and on the Internet.

In South Korea, electronic shackles have been in place since 2008, allowing police to track the movements of repeat sex offenders and sex offenders of children under the age of 13. In South Korea, adults over the age of 20 can access the names, ages, addresses, photos, criminal content and other personal information of sexual offenders on government-designated websites. South Korean judges can impose chemical castration on adult offenders who sexually assault minors under the age of 16 for up to 15 years on the merits.

However, in China, there are no special provisions or restrictions on commutation of sentences for perpetrators of sexual assault against underage girls. And there are no effective measures to prevent offenders from committing sex crimes again.