The report said Beijing was considering blocking Hong Kong residents from holding BNO or could lose their Chinese citizenship

Since the implementation of the National Security Act, many Hong Kong people have emigrated and the number of British Nationals applying for overseas Passports (BNO) has increased greatly. Hong Kong media reported that the central research Institute “actively addresses the issue of dual citizenship among Hong Kong people”, which means that BNO holders could have their Chinese citizenship revoked in the future, and even face more measures to block them. It is not surprising that the central government intends to implement this policy in order to strengthen its overall control over Hong Kong.

Last year, there was a storm of protest against the amendment in Hong Kong. Beijing used national security as the reason to implement the National Security Law in Hong Kong. A large number of people lost confidence in the prospect of Hong Kong and were eager to emigrate. According to the Home Office, the number of BNO holders is expected to exceed 730,000 by the end of this year, with a large number holding both British National (overseas) and Hong Kong SAR passports.

Hong Kong Media: A Central Study on “Actively Resolving the Dual Nationality Issue”

Hong Kong media “Hong Kong 01” report, “the SAR government still face the embarrassment of Hong Kong identity, clear responsibility. For the smooth transition was central to Hong Kong to” residents “simplified” citizens “, now can’t “muddle” in Hong Kong, must be established to belong to “the Hong Kong special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China” “Hong Kong citizens” system, first to solve the “dual nationality”.

There has been no official confirmation of this, but there are fears that Beijing intends to block the BNO or make its holders revoke their Chinese citizenship.

People in Hong Kong may choose one from two to speed up immigration

Chung Keung-wah, director of the Centre for Social Policy Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, said that if the central government asked Hong Kong people to “pick and choose”, he believed that more people would leave Hong Kong. However, the authorities may not have a strong intention to implement the policy as soon as possible, and it would not be easy for the Central government to deal with the issue of “dual nationality”.

Chung kim-wah said, now a lot of holding dual nationality, a lot of people who are used by the communist party of China in Hong Kong, many people in the business, if you really want to push, priority they will oppose, second, to take care of their interests, third, in fact, even if in the mainland, somebody also several different passport at the same time, but he did not open, it will deal with this problem and have to face a lot of very difficult political and technical considerations.

Mr. Lam: Beijing doesn’t want hong Kongers to rush to apply for BNO

Hong Kong commentator Lam Ho-lai told THE Taiwan Radio station that he was not aware of the central government’s intention to address the issue of dual nationality. By Beijing’s logic, however, the authorities do not want a rush of Hong Kongers to apply for BNO or use it to leave Hong Kong.

‘Beijing will feel a loss of face and it will affect Hong Kong people’s confidence in Hong Kong’s future,’ Mr. Lam said. Beijing semi-official were mentioned, a possibility will not admit BNO as a travel passport, if too many people apply for BNO, or leave Hong Kong, don’t think this is a good thing, because Beijing would hurt other people’s confidence in Hong Kong, even foreigners confidence in the future of Hong Kong, the second, if 10, two hundred thousand people from Hong Kong, will take a lot of money out of that affect Hong Kong’s economy.

China is considering not recognizing BNO

The port security act formally implemented in Hong Kong on July 1 this year, the British home secretary Peng Dailing Priti Patel said, according to the Chinese government implemented in Hong Kong the port security law, in violation of the Sino-British joint declaration, the UK should improve BNO civil rights, so relax Hong Kong citizenship British conditions, which attract many Hong Kong people BNO application. More than 210,000 BNO copies have been issued in the first 10 months of this year, with a total of more than 730,000 BNO copies expected to be held by the end of the year, up about 110 percent from February this year, according to British media citing the Home Office. The Foreign Office said it expected 200,000 BNO holders or eligible people to immigrate from Hong Kong to Britain.

Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Chinese Communist Party, said earlier that the UK would respond “effectively” to the BNO issue by “engaging in political manipulation”, blatantly breaking its commitments and seriously interfering in China’s internal affairs. China would consider not recognising the BNO as a valid travel document.