Trump retweets senator’s interview: Trump won the Electoral College to fight for our country

Us Republican Congressman MOE Brooks says he won’t give up on twitter

Trump retweeted an interview with Republican Congressman MOE Brooks, who said today that he will not give up and fight for his country.

Republican Congressman MOE Brooks vowed to Lou Dobbs in an interview Today (May 15) that he won’t back down. He said either be a capitulator or fight for the country. “Trump won the Electoral College,” he added.

The Trump campaign continues to deny Biden’s victory, calling on voters to contact their representatives and have them read reports of election fraud. January 6 is the day when Congress certifies the electoral College vote.

Trump yesterday retweeted an appeal posted on Twitter by writer and talk show host Kewin McCullough and a report identifying fraud in the Michigan election. The call advised Trump supporters to ignore the Electoral College’s confirmation of Biden’s victory and use the time to forward the fraud report to their house and Senate representatives for them to read.

Identification of the Dominion by the voting machine, According to Kevin McCullough, showed that in one Michigan county, the machine transferred 33 percent of All Votes cast for Trump to Biden.

Trump retweeted the post, saying the highly respected Michigan judge had issued a “breathtaking report.” Many of Trump’s votes were diverted to Biden. This is happening all over the country. Trump also said the fake election did not hold water. He called on Republicans to act. Another theory is that this is big news. The Dominion voting machines are a disaster across the country. It changed the outcome of the landslide election. I can’t let that happen. Thank the judge for his genius and heroic patriotism. Deserve a medal!