Such a horrible recipe for fried chicken

The new KFC is out of fried chicken

It was a wonderful eating experience

I really can’t imagine what kind of chef could come up with such a horrible recipe.

You make fried chicken crust with potato chips, there’s no problem, fried potatoes and fried chicken are the epitome of junk food, it’s really delicious.

The meat inside is also very juicy, at least more delicious than the pure wood of the original chicken.

But I really don’t know what to sprinkle the powder layer is composition, I don’t know who invented this powder is holding the mentality of how to come out, don’t know if when he tried to eat into the genetic variation and the products have been obtained to listed illusion, anyhow I bite from the mouth of Fried chicken this moment, our blood feud had forged a completely.

The surface of fried chicken, smell with a smell of bad, in the smell of junk food there is a strange elementary school dime a color plastic sugar coated fructose smell. My first bite was a trip to heaven: the salty flavor of fried chicken skin mixed with the sweet flavor of fruit sugar, and the sour, translucent quality that could have come from the green skittles’ skin, combined to create a huge explosion in your taste buds.

In the blast I seem to incarnate into a call of duty: modern warfare in which I also forgot to generation the men sitting in the helicopter on the nuclear bomb explosion, the blast destroyed my tongue to destroy my mouth, as if is a diablo twenty old powder on the front of a brain-dead in blizzard employees coats constantly restudy the ‌ ‌ “didn’t you phone? ‌, ‌ “makes people angry clenched fist, let a person can not help but want to ask, is your product designers have no mother? I might as well just take a cab to The city of Night and drive around the big Bird bar and go over all the bionic man’s buff.

If I am guilty, legal sanctions against me, my computer will get original cyberpunk 2077, wo wild boy can draw my color chart, Tang Huanfeng will be washed white, competitive sports club promoted in front of my room is very beautiful when you smile, four silver and royal GongHui night next words will break up, not let me suffer here KFC product designer of my reproach, and the torture of me as much as cycling play in front of me ten thousand times by making war acting time shaw collection. No less than playing a loop of the Samsung team being hammered in front of senior management.

After eating this fried chicken, I sat in the STORE of KFC Xiamen Wanxiang City waiting for two hours, thinking back to what I have experienced so far, all noisy, people coming and going by my mind is automatically blocked, as if there was a door in front of me, Niu Tou and Ma Mian standing at the door waved kindly to me. Thank you, KFC, I haven’t gone to Yunnan to eat my hand green, but your fried chicken successfully provided me with a similar experience. Next time, make your fried chicken into a mushroom shape, you should be the spokesmen for the yunnan food journey.