He who practices medicine becomes immortal

It is said that At the age of eighteen, Lancai and his grandfather took over the class and began to practice medicine. He often went to the mountains to collect herbs, hungry to eat wild fruit, thirsty to drink spring water, often eat ganoderma and tuckahoe. One day, he took the medicine basket into the mountain and walked to a lotus pool. He saw an old man with big eyebrows and big eyes and a plain face and a big belly lying in bed beside the pond. A sore beside the belly button with black thorns was rotten to the core and was dripping with black blood. He could not bear it, so he went to his side and squeezed the sore with his hand and his mouth. When the pus and blood were gone, Lancai put a plaster over there. But the old man’s stomach was bleeding. Lancai and his eyes suddenly fell dumb and he thought, “How strange! My medicine is 100 percent effective!”

After a while, the old man opened his eyes, stared at Blue and suddenly cried out: “You fool, don’t hurry up and fetch a basket of water from the basket, there is still blood in here!” All said that the bamboo basket to carry water in vain, blue and know, but helpless, quickly to carry water. By the old man’s side, the basket was dripping dry. When Blue and blue saw the old man laughing bitterly, they scolded him, “How stupid of you to paste the mud from the pond on the blank space of the basket!” Then he sighed. Blue and red face, do as the old man said. He carried a basket of water, but he became soup of chaos! The old man looked at it and became angry. “Stupid! Please throw it away and exchange it for a basket of clean water!”

He became angry, but he did not break out. After all, he was a poor old man. When he was at his wit’s end, he suddenly saw a pretty woman in the side covering his mouth to laugh, he was more embarrassed. That woman say: “eldest brother, zha don’t think idea son?” LAN Caihe looked at the lotus pond and the bamboo basket, but there was nothing he could do. The woman looked at the old man, who also looked at her, and the woman said, “Do you think the lotus leaf is better than the mud one?” She said.

The lotus leaves are green and green, and the lotus leaves are wide. Then the lotus leaves are picked up and the lotus leaves are folded in a basket and the lotus water is clear. The old man fell back on the ground, and Blue and natural understanding, will be a basket of water on the beach of black meat. The belly of an old man is as bare as ever. Blue and strange extremely, staring eyes, open mouth, scratching their heads. “How silly! Did you feel cold when you went down to the pond? This water is strange. Take a sip and see what it is.” The old man stood up and pointed to the lotus pond. Lancai and then according to the old man with both hands took a handful of water to drink down, a fragrance refreshing into the heart, the body becomes light. The woman picked up the basket and said in a delicate voice, “Brother, you are a fairy.” At that moment, the old man pulled LAN CAI and his bamboo basket off the ground. The old man said, “Let’s go to Penglai Island for fun!” Blue and soaring, he saw the mushroom-shaped clouds hovering around his knees, following the old man and the woman with the lotus in her hand.

The old man and the woman is quan Zhen two grandfather Zhong Leave the right and lotus fairy he Xiangu.