Will Donald Trump have a thunderbolt?

The 2020 US presidential election was rigged by two “dark forces” — the “dark forces” of the Chinese Communist Party and the “dark forces” of the US, in order to remove President Trump, whom they hated deeply, and replace him with their “proxy” Joe Biden.

The worst electoral fraud in American history

The Revelations of fraud in this election have been shocking. There are too many facts, to name but three.

On November 30th Dr Shiva, an IndiAn-American scientist and senate candidate from Massachusetts, appeared by video at a hearing in the Arizona Senate. Shiva holds four degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Master’s degree in Visual Studies, Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and Doctorate in bioengineering. Shiva testified that he had found the algorithms and coefficients for Dominion cheating. Voting machines calculated the number of Registered Republicans, Democrats, Greens and centrists by a simple factor. Biden votes were multiplied by 130 percent, while Trump votes were subtracted by 30 percent.

On December 4th Judge Kevin Elsenheimer of the 13th Circuit Ordered a forensic audit of 22 voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan. “We concluded that the Dominion voting system was deliberately and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systematic fraud and influence election results,” said Ramsland, an election security expert involved in forensic audits, December 14. The same machines and software are used in 48 other counties in Michigan.

At a Hearing in Nevada on December 3, Trump’s lawyers presented evidence that more than 19,000 non-Nevada residents voted in The state; 8,000 ballot papers with false residential addresses, 15,000 ballot papers with commercial or uninhabited addresses, are illegal; The addresses of 6,873 ballots, marked by the post office as undeliverable; The original owners of 2,468 ballot addresses had notified the post office that they were moving out of Nevada; More than 1,500 votes were for dead people; 40,000 are duplicate votes!

The Relationship between American election fraud and The Chinese Communist Party

The Chinese Communist Party is inextricably linked to this election. Here, too, are only two things about the Dominion:

The Dominion Voting machine is owned by Staple Street Capital. From its founding in 2009 to 2020, the firm has only two investments in SEC filings, both from UBS Securities LLC. The first $200 million was on December 19, 2014; The second $400 million was on October 8, 2020, less than a month before the election.

The predecessor of “UBS Securities” was Beijing Securities Company. After the shareholding change in October 2018, Beijing Guoxiang still owns 33%, but CofCO group and China Guodian respectively ceded part of their shares to UBS, leaving UBS holding 51%. So UBS securities looks like a foreign-dominated company on the surface, but it is still based in Beijing and has an all-Chinese board and executive. Because of this, “Dominion is really in the Hands of the Communist Party,” says Mr Lynwood, the American barrister.

On November 25, U.S. Attorney Colin Powell appended sworn testimony from electronic intelligence analysts of the former 305th Army Military Intelligence Battalion in his complaint filed in Georgia alleging election fraud. The witness testified that the Dominion Voting machine was associated with the Republic of China (Dominion). The witness also traced Dominion’s servers in Hunan, China, and the number of patents it sold to THE COMMUNIST Party through HSBC, many of which belonged to Eric Coomer, a Dominion executive and extreme anti-Trump “Antiphal” fanatic.

Mr Trump has long been on guard against fraud

The Chinese Communist Party’s interference in us elections, in the 2018 US midterm elections, was blatant. On September 23, 2018, The Chinese Communist Party newspaper China Daily paid to run a four-page AD in Iowa’s largest newspaper, the Des Moines Register, which included a headline titled “Trade Dispute: The Result of A President’s Folly,” making a direct personal attack on President Trump.

In September 2018, President Donald Trump issued an “executive order imposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in the U.S. election.” Executive order said, “I, the United States of America President Donald trump, found that some of the whole or a substantial part located outside the United States, have the ability to interfere with or damage the public confidence in American elections, including the unauthorized access into elections and campaign infrastructure or secret distribute materials and false information, this to U.S. national security and foreign policy constitutes the threat of unusual and special… I hereby declare a state of emergency in response to this threat.”

The executive order requires the Director of National intelligence, within 45 days of the end of an election, to “evaluate any intelligence that indicates the intent or purpose of interference in the election by a foreign government or by a person acting as an agent or on behalf of a foreign government.” One is “any foreign interference aimed at electoral infrastructure”.

Under the executive order, Director of National Intelligence James Ratcliffe is due to submit an assessment to President Trump on December 18. On Dec. 6, Ratcliffe said in an interview with Fox News, “We confirm that foreign powers interfered or influenced the election.” Once the report is released, Trump could use it to make arrests against “traitors.”

Some big signs that Trump will act with thunder

(1) Constitutional Declaration

On December 2, Trump gave his “most important speech” as U.S. president. In his speech, Mr Trump devoted much of his time to uncovering election fraud and vowing to defend the US Constitution, saying: “This is about democracy and sacred rights that have been guaranteed by the blood and lives of many generations. Nothing is more important and urgent than this.

(2) Mobilization of The Protectorate

On December 5, Trump used an hour and 45 minutes of speech in Georgia to once again lambast the massive fraud in the election. “It is America’s destiny to drain the Swamp and save our country,” Trump said. We will fight to the end, we will never give up, we will never back down, we will never surrender, because we have red, white and blue in our hearts, we are Americans!”

(3) “Courage” and “wisdom”

In recent days, Trump has repeatedly used the words “courage” and “wisdom”. Speaking at a Hanukkah gathering at the White House on December 9, Mr Trump revealed that he could be re-elected with the courage and wisdom of “some very important people”.

On December 9, Trump tweeted: “We will soon understand the word ‘courage’ to save our country. I won all the swing states by hundreds of legitimate votes more than my opponent. All the data after the vote showed that I could not have lost the election unless I had been doctored! If someone cheats in the election, it’s my opponent.”

On December 11, after Texas and 20 other states filed unconstitutional lawsuits against four swing states in the Supreme Court, Trump tweeted: “If the Supreme Court shows great wisdom and courage, the American people may win perhaps the most important case in history and our election process will be respected again!” When the Supreme Court dismissed the Texas case, Trump tweeted: “The Supreme Court has let us down. No wisdom, no courage!”

(4) “Ruthless, spy and traitor”

In one of four tweets on December 12, Trump said: “We caught them cold, spies, treason, etc. (the hard part), but ‘justice’ took too long. Will DOA!” Trump then tweeted: “Our fight has just begun!”

Who is cold? Who is spying? Who committed treason? Who will die? Why does Trump say “the battle has only just begun”?

(5) Trump says certifying Biden in swing states would be a “serious crime”

On December 13, the day before the Electoral College vote, Trump tweeted: “Massive electoral fraud detected in swing states, none of which can legally prove the integrity and accuracy of these votes without committing serious, punishable crimes. Everyone knows that there are dead people, underage people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners, and many others who voted illegally.”

(6) Trump overhauls the Defense Department

At noon on November 9, Trump tweeted that Defense Secretary Esper had been fired and that miller, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, would be acting defense secretary “effective immediately.”

On November 10th three senior officials at the Defence ministry were replaced. Joseph Kernan, the undersecretary for intelligence and security, James Anderson, the acting undersecretary for policy, and Jen Stewart, the chief of staff to Former Defense Secretary Epps, resigned. They were replaced by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Anthony Tata and Kash Patel.

On November 25, a senior adviser to the department of defense’s defense policy committee 11 was fired, including former secretary of state Henry kissinger and Madeleine albright, had fought first minister retired general musharraf’s black, senior members of the house intelligence committee before haman, former pentagon chief operating official virtue Leon, George w. bush’s deputy finance minister McCormick, Clinton’s deputy justice minister goree rick, chief nuclear negotiator, Joseph, etc. Kissinger, who has visited China more than 70 times, is a typical example of the “pro-Communist” faction.

Among the nine new members of the national Defense Policy Council, Chairman Bai Bangrui is Trump’s China adviser and is seen as the one who understands the communist Party’s most evil nature. Most of the other eight members are staunch opponents of the Communist Party, such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Senior adviser At the Center for Strategic and International Studies, And Forbes, founder of the U.S. Congress ‘China caucus.

On Dec. 5, all nine members of the Defense Trade Commission were replaced, including Lewandowski, Trump’s first campaign manager in 2016 and a senior adviser to this year’s campaign.

(7) Plan B for Trump’s legal battle begins

Speaking on December 12, after the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit, Giuliani, who heads Mr Trump’s legal team, said: “We’re going to move immediately and seamlessly into Plan B, which is to Sue in every state.”

Since November 4, the Trump team has been working as hard as possible to expose election fraud and obtain a legitimate election result within the normal framework of the rule of law, with both humiliation and endurance.

When all else fails, Mr Trump’s thunderous measures, such as declaring a state of emergency, imposing limited martial law and arresting traitors, are likely to be immediate.


Trump is a man of strong faith. Trump famously said, “In America, we don’t worship the government. We worship god.” This sentence has a profound connotation.

The so-called “worship of government” is the worship of power. In today’s world, power and money are closely linked, and those who worship power are often those who worship money. Trump “does not worship government,” which means he does not worship either power or money. And so it is. Trump has long been a billionaire. He never served as an official in a government department for 70 years before he came to the White House. In the four years since he came to the White House, he has made no money.

A man who can transcend power and money and worship God must be a man who has a strong will and follows the will of Heaven. He must be a man who has great wisdom and courage to do great things. Trump is exactly that kind of person.

When trump the “political 10-year” plunged into abysmal swamp “Washington”, “dark forces” resistance, beyond imagination, out of thin air “the gate”, “tong wu door”, “impeachment”, and “virus” of the Chinese communist party, and so on, trump with strong faith come one by one.

As Trump’s daughter Ivanka said in her speech: “Washington hasn’t changed Donald. Trump, Donald Trump has changed Washington.”

This election is about the future of America and the world. At the end of his tediousness, It is perfectly possible for Trump to put his own life and death on the line and make a thunderous gesture that will shock the world.