Hong Kong politician Shift Lam Cheng has announced his resignation from the Bauhinia Party

Towards the end of 2020, Carrie Lam, the chief executive with Beijing’s full support, suddenly seemed to be running out of steam. South China morning post reported on December 6, the silk road financial co., LTD., the CPPCC national committee li, chief executive and port in conjunction with sowing controlling Huang Qiuzhi, chairman of the board of directors or bonjour holdings chien-wen Chen, chairman of the board, early in May this year in Hong Kong has set up a new party called “Chinese redbud party”, these a few “sea turtles” gen party reasons stated is in view of the existing organizational system. The pro-Beijing Sing Tao Daily reported On Wednesday that Carrie Lam’s planned visit to Beijing at the end of December was suddenly suspended, and the more bizarre political situation in Hong Kong was thrown into doubt.

Joining the muddy waters, there are still the National Health Commission to Lin Zheng’s anti-epidemic complaints. Zeng Guang, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission, said in an interview with the mainland media that Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic measures and policies have not been implemented, making the epidemic repeated and severe. He also pointed out that Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention and control situation was different from that of the mainland, and the frequent travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen would put more pressure on Shenzhen to prevent the epidemic.

In the face of widespread speculation and rumours, Mrs Lam today (15 March) did not deny the decision to stop the rumours. She said only that it was up to the Central Authorities to inform the Chief Executive of the arrangements for her duty visit to Beijing. She had no details at present. In response to criticism from experts at the State Health Commission that Hong Kong has not done its job properly, Mr Lam argues that “it is impossible to do everything in the best possible way”. Mr. Lam’s response doesn’t seem to quell the speculation.

Hong Kong’s many critics of the Chinese redbud party will attends Beijing suspended two things, was born with the chief executive and chief executive of the next, former deputy editor of newspaper wen wei Po “in the media all the news that claim to organize a party member of 250000 Chinese redbud party, belong to the communist party of China (” clique”, using the experience of the Chinese communist party xibaipo (to take over the power of the country’s deployment) of Hong Kong’s takeover. Ching Xiang, based on his observation of the recent public opinion weathervane, analyzed that the emergence of Bauhinia Party represented that the COMMUNIST Party of China did not trust the left wing in Hong Kong and planned a major measure to purge the old Hong Kong people. Once the Hong Kong left is purged, how many of the establishment who have always been the cheerleaders for Lam will escape?

In fact, Chinese redbud party ast in Hong Kong as the backbone of the idea of political power, in Mr Leung s for the establishment of the so-called “HuaJing will” jpmorgan chase, fang fang, vice President of Asia Pacific more of the returnees financial talents in a HuaJing’s chairman, if not all for alleged involvement in illegal employment officer the second generation to HuaJing will fizzle out, and shall have established Chinese redbud party today? Intriguingly, Hua Jing’s honorary patron was none other than Leung Chun-ying, now accused of being one of the main characters in a brewing political row.

Sing tao daily reported that lam cheng had planned to meet the leaders in Beijing on October 14, but was finally informed of the cancellation of the trip, and she suddenly held a press conference on November 11, announcing the purchase of vaccines. The report speculated that there are three possible reasons for the shutdown, including busy leaders, Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic situation is not as good as expected, and Hong Kong’s higher risk of infection than the mainland, which may be at risk at the moment.

Face the fourth wave of Hong Kong, resistance to disease a little hard work, has been more a day in more than 40 cases of couldn’t find the source of the case, I’m afraid poor resistance to disease was secretary of the “death”, the previous chief executive of Hong Kong, the CPPCC national committee vice chairman Mr Leung’s two “pen” QuYingYan and Feng Huiguang seems to smell the smell of attack, successively secretary’s public and “negative”, including QuYingYan more “I’m not a organizational system sent to secretary criticism” don’t understand the condition of the people “, under the outbreak is accused of people walking in and out, often working from home She also criticised the policy address as reflecting her “inability” to deal with the current difficulties in Hong Kong. “The central government also wants to hear the truth,” She said. “If the government leads the citizens to the cliff, we will have to applaud to call ourselves the establishment. I’m sorry, but I’m not one of them.

Fung Wai Kwong, who was Hong Kong’s government information co-ordinator during the Leung Chun-ying administration, said in a special post on the establishment media website that Hong Kong’s epidemic is severe and what it needs most is the leadership of the chief executive. However, Carrie Lam, who claimed to have “fully recovered” from last year’s anti-amendment controversy, only has “administrative officer thinking”. He said That Lam, who was due to report to Beijing in the middle of the month, was worried that the chief executive of Hong Kong was fighting the epidemic, and that if her entourage fell victim to the disease, it would involve the central leadership and a number of officials in Beijing. He also said that the chief executive’s lack of leadership and his credulity with the traditional elites full of prejudice against the mainland had made him “shake his wrist three times”.

But even the National Health Commission’s displeasure with Mr. Lam’s fight against the virus seems to reflect a political wave that has been driven not just by the tea cups in Hong Kong but also by the court in Beijing.

Among the “anti-Lin Zheng” voices within the establishment, yu Pinhai, the boss of the online media Hong Kong 01, was regarded as the most complete and penetrating critic. Yu Pinhai, who is considered close to the establishment, wrote in Hong Kong 01 that Lam “thought that by calming down the unrest, Hong Kong would be able to return to stability and prosperity. It was a fool’s dream to dance and run. In an interview with the open media (South China Morning Post), ce claimed that he had returned to his old state and suggested that he could continue to ‘play well’. I hope she will ‘see clearly’ before ‘play well’.”

Yu pinhai notes that when he proposed amending the fugitive offenders ordinance, Lin apparently thought he was really “easy to fight”, but because he didn’t “see it clearly”, the result was the unrest that followed… Now that the central government has taken the initiative to provide it with energy, does she know that she should stop and “take a look”? Because if we don’t see clearly, we may even have to put our own political life on the line, and then, whether “easy to fight” will have little meaning. “

At this moment, Yu Pinhai even suggested that Lam Would “risk her own political life”. It is easy to imagine how dangerous the situation is for Lam. Before 2021, the so-called election year of the chief executive, It is likely that lam will face a difficult future.