Live a long life: Take your time, the doctor adds

The secret to a long life is to take your time, eat a light diet, be calm and have a regular diet. The doctor added this point, that is, “the mouth of the old people can live a long time.”

When the body enters old age, there will be various diseases and problems. Many people have heard the old saying about taking care of their health and delaying aging, that is, “old people with a good mouth can live a long life”. So what does the word “mouth” actually mean? Does that really make sense? It includes the following three aspects.

An old man with a good mouth lives long

  1. Talk more

The reason why talking a lot can live a long life is that everyone needs to communicate with others, and most of the stress caused by work and life can be expressed and relieved through words. As a result, people who talk more tend to have less mental stress and mental problems than those who are more taciturn.

Relax the mind, the body can avoid excessive stress, too much negative emotions will be on the body’s organs to increase the burden. The liver, in particular, is highly susceptible to emotion. People who are often angry and depressed have a higher risk of liver disease than their peers. So one aspect of mouth diligence is to talk more, communicate more with others, and release more sorrow and depression.

  1. Chew more

The second aspect of mouth is in the process of eating, to chew as much as possible for a while, let food get sufficient chewing before swallowing. In life, there are a lot of people may be in a hurry to eat, this habit is very bad, for the elderly, we must avoid this situation. Eating too fast will cause indigestion because the food is not fully chewed, which will increase the burden on the stomach, while eating slowly will help the food to be quickly digested and absorbed.

In the process of chewing at the same time, we also should pay attention to the correct use of teeth, the tooth in the human body plays a critical role in eating, there are some people who are in the process of chewing food would like to use one’s teeth, it is very unfavorable to dental health, time is long, can lead to excessive use, side teeth is loose.

So in the process of chewing, you must try to keep both sides of the teeth evenly used. And in the process of eating should also be careful not to eat too hot or too cold food, to avoid teeth, esophagus and gastrointestinal irritation and disease.

  1. Eat more

Here, eating more does not mean to increase the total amount of food, but to reasonably allocate the amount of food that needs to be consumed in three meals a day, and appropriately increase the number of meals, such as four or five meals. When a lot of people do not know human body is eating, eat to 7 cent full can, eat too full can increase gastrointestinal burden, bring about bilge gas, still appear easily giddy head bilges problem.

For the elderly is to pay attention to this point, should eat as little as possible more meals, do not eat too full. Especially for the elderly with high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, eating too much may cause large fluctuations in blood pressure and blood sugar, which may cause risks. Therefore, eating less and more meals is also beneficial to health.

The above is the introduction of the saying “old people with a good mouth can live a long life”. Talk with family and friends throughout your life to help relieve stress, and chew more when you eat, and eat smaller, smaller meals. This can effectively protect the stomach and intestines, reduce the burden of the body, so that the body and mind can be kept in a healthy state.