How to take calcium tablet everyday still short of calcium? Do you really take calcium supplements?

Aunt Zhang, 55, often suffered from leg cramps and sprained ankle when walking. Hearing from her neighbor that this might be due to lack of calcium, aunt Zhang went to the pharmacy to buy calcium tablets and began to eat them every day. One day, three months later, Zhang broke her bone by accident. After she was hospitalized, the doctor told her that she had lost her bone due to osteoporosis caused by a lack of calcium.

Zhang Auntie a bit don’t want to understand, obviously oneself take calcium tablet every day, how to still can be short of calcium?

What effect does calcium have to the human body

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bodies, accounting for 1.5% to 2% of an adult’s body weight. Ninety-nine percent of this calcium is found in our bones and teeth, and the other one percent is found in soft tissue, blood, and extracellular fluid, collectively known as miscible calcium pools.

Bone and tooth composition: The calcium in the bone and the calcium in the miscible calcium pool maintain a dynamic balance. The calcium in the bone is continuously released from the osteoclasts into the miscible calcium pool, and the calcium in the miscible calcium pool is continuously deposited in the osteoblasts, thus the bone is constantly renewed. Long-term calcium deficiency in infants and children will cause bone deformation and osteomalacia, calcium intake is inadequate is prone to dental caries.

Help with information transmission: Calcium ions are important intracellular “messengers” that regulate the release of neurotransmitters and the process of vision formation.

Maintain nerve and muscle activity

Helps blood clot: Calcium is a clotting factor. Without calcium, blood can’t clot.

Two, below what circumstance be short of calcium easily?

Middle-aged and old friends: with the growth of age, middle-aged and old friends bone loss of calcium increase, and the calcium absorption rate is also declining, the old people of calcium absorption rate is only 15%, very easy to occur calcium deficiency phenomenon. Especially menopausal women, due to the decrease of estrogen secretion, calcium loss accelerated, easy to cause osteoporosis.

Pregnant and lactating women.

A developing teenager.

Three, how to fill calcium effectively?

Just as the above mentioned Zhang Aunt said, it is clear that every day to eat calcium tablets, how can you still be short of calcium? Let’s have a good talk today about how to take calcium supplements.

The key to calcium is two points: supplement calcium and promote calcium absorption. Getting enough calcium is essential, but if the body’s absorption rate of calcium is low, then eating more calcium won’t help.

  1. What substances can promote the absorption of calcium?

Vitamin D: Vitamin D can regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestine and the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus in the kidney, and reduce the synthesis of parathyroid hormone in the parathyroid gland, resulting in the increase of calcium in the blood, promote the formation of bone, reduce the absorption of bone, thus playing a role in the treatment of osteoporosis. Simply put, vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the small intestine and is a very important factor in calcium absorption.

Protein: Certain amino acids released during protein digestion, such as lysine and tryptophan, form soluble calcium salts with calcium to facilitate calcium absorption.

Lactose: lactic acid bacteria fermentation to produce acid, reduce the intestinal PH, can enhance the absorption of calcium.

  1. What substances can inhibit the absorption of calcium?

Phytic acid, oxalic acid, tannic acid: the phytic acid that contains in vegetable can form difficult salt with calcium, reduce the absorption of human body to calcium. So when you eat vegetables, you can blanch them.

Caffeine and alcohol also block calcium absorption to some extent, so middle-aged and elderly people should avoid coffee, strong tea and alcohol.

  1. How to supplement calcium?

Dietary calcium: Adequate intake of calcium is the basis for absorption. Milk and dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, abundant and highly absorbable. In addition, the food such as sea rice, sea shrimp also contains richer calcium.

Sun exposure: Getting sunlight is one of the main ways to get vitamin D, which is why we always hear about getting calcium in the sun. In fact, sun exposure is to produce vitamin D, which promotes the absorption of calcium by the body.

Eat some deep sea fish: salmon, sardines, tuna, salmon and so on contain a certain amount of vitamin D, can be a good source of vitamin D for the human body.

Take calcium, take vitamin D supplements, and be aware of factors that inhibit calcium absorption. Calcium supplements can not be done in one or two days, we need to adhere to the daily supplement, in order to have healthier bones.