Mainland’s poor can’t afford it, and health care workers dare not

The Chinese government recently offered vaccinations against the Chinese communist virus. As authorities reiterated that preventive vaccines are not covered by medical insurance, the price of vaccinations varies from 400 yuan to more than 8,000 yuan. Some people are concerned about the safety of the vaccine and are not considering vaccination.

The COMMUNIST Party of China virus continues to ravage the world. Healthcare workers and nursing home residents are the priority groups for the first round of vaccination against the coronavirus, which began on Monday. Then came Britain, which began vaccinating on Tuesday, and Hong Kong, which will offer free vaccinations in the middle of next month. More than a million people in China are said to have been vaccinated against the communist party virus, but the process has been low-key, with residents in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere telling RADIO Free Asia they had not heard of the vaccine, but respondents said they refused to be vaccinated because of concerns about its quality.

Beijing parents Guo Li child victims of tainted milk powder (15) on Tuesday would say: “dozen vaccine thing still declining hierarchy and family around you. But, I have a friend in guangzhou, he said (community) to his family vaccinated, but because the vaccine safety issues, including many children vaccinated but the original problem, so they all refused.” certainly refuse to “say family around (vaccine), don’t play, destiny in our own hands.”

Accidents involving indigenously developed vaccines in China are common

Vaccine regulation in China is so chaotic that thousands of children have been sickened or injured after being vaccinated over the past decade. For example, the vaccine incident in Shanxi Province in 2007 resulted in the injury or death of nearly 100 children, and in the pertussis vaccine incident of Changsheng In 2018, 250,000 substandard vaccines entered the market.

Guo said public concerns about the quality of vaccines are well founded. “The risks are very high,” he said. “Even state-owned companies like [U.S.] Pfizer and BioNTech [biotechnology], Which are German companies, are not guaranteed 100 percent.

Regarding the current price of Chinese communist virus vaccines in China, the official National Medical Insurance Administration reiterated that “preventive vaccines need to be paid at one’s own expense”. A month ago, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, announced that two doses of CCV vaccine, 14 to 28 days apart, cost 200 yuan per bottle, and two doses totaled 400 yuan. It also said that more than one million people in Zhejiang had been vaccinated.

The Wuhan government lacks the money to charge 8,000 yuan for a single dose of vaccine

Mr. Zhao, a resident of Guangzhou, told THE STATION that some community workers offered free vaccines, but he dared not get them. Wuhan a community volunteer ms Chen said, would the local vaccination charge 2700 yuan at a time, three injection: “2700 yuan a needle to play three stitches. We don’t have to play family first, in the second there was no place to play. If I want to give or take an injection, but also to find relations. Wuhan municipal government finances have no money now. Our side, the leadership of the relationship of people already beat (vaccine), and it was free.”

, says ms Chen, from internal, remind her to watch the first vaccine’s response: “and the inside of the people told me not to play, said let me wait again. Because of family doctors all let me wait, wait, so I decided to wait. Their clinical trials or time is not long, so they (the doctor) let me don’t call first.”

Ms. Chen says many residents in Wuhan want to get vaccinated but don’t have enough money, so they are waiting for local governments to cut vaccine prices.

Doctors get free vaccinations to worry about safety

Shanghai, a British company executives li-juan xie told this table, the official media’s handling of the communist party of China (virus vaccine, very cautious: “China reported slightly, not a lot of reports. May also be the safety of the vaccine, the vaccine is, after all, now inside China, officials, also includes the internal medical institutions in the play. Listen to my sister, my sister in medical institutions, she said the hospital to let them sign up vaccinated, but the hospital no one dare to sign up, don’t want to play. For the first batch do not know how security.”

People in Hong Kong will get free vaccinations as soon as next month

Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s chief executive, said recently that procurement agreements have been reached or are nearing for three types of wuhan pneumonia vaccine, including those developed by Sinovac, a German pharmaceutical company, and Oxford University in Britain. These vaccines are provided free of charge by the SAR government and are enough for two doses per person. The first 1 million doses of Sinovac vaccine could arrive in Hong Kong as soon as next month, but people in Hong Kong cannot choose which vaccine to get, she added.