Beijing Changping Xiangtang forced demolition of septuagenarian female descendants of the Communist Party of China

Beijing Changping Xiangtang small property house forced demolition conflict intensified. A detention notice posted online showed that a 70-year-old anti-demolition woman had been arrested and imprisoned. The changping Xiangtang Cultural New village was choking the longmai Qikou, so it needed to be forcibly demolished, according to an online biography.

Emperor Chuanxi was given advice by an expert

CAI Xia, a former professor at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee who lives in exile in the United States, said on Twitter yesterday: “It is said that some gao ren gave Feng shui lessons to Emperor Xi, made plans for the capital, and said the houses in Xiangtang village had been forced to be demolished because they had crushed the dragon’s veins. Then inhabitant fights desperately, special police security guard threatens to intimidate, both sides is at daggers drawn, serious face-off. . Some have written to Premier Li Keqiang, others have made urgent proposals to the Beijing municipal government. But things are getting worse.”

According to reports, changping Xiangtang township small property house residents are mostly middle-aged and elderly intellectuals, they almost spent their life savings to build their own houses, hoping to spend their old age in peace. Their plight in severe winter weather, with no water or electricity, is reminiscent of the so-called “low-end population” expelled by Beijing authorities during a severe winter a few years ago.

Septuagenarian woman jailed by forced eviction

A notice of detention from the Changping Public Security Bureau in Beijing was circulated on The Chinese Internet yesterday. Guo lingmei, who was born in 1950, has been detained in the Changping District detention center since Dec. 5 on suspicion of “gathering people to disturb public order,” according to the notice.

Guo Lingmei is the daughter of the late Chinese writer and poet Guo Xiaochuan and a senior director of the Central New Film Studio, according to a netizen named “An Li”.

Another said taos Liang, a famous female writer, had also been forcibly demolished in Changping. She is the daughter of tao Zhu, a former Communist party leader. The post was written by One of Taos’ children, calling attention to the forced demolition of Xiangtang village.

Yang Yusheng, a professor at the University of Political Science and Law who lives in Xiangtang, Changping, has begun a hunger strike in the bitter cold after his home was forcibly demolished by the town government, cutting off water and electricity.


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Restore green mountains and clear waters as Instructed by President Xi jinping

According to several online sources, changping’s small property was a move by the government of Xiangtang Town in Changping County more than 20 years ago to attract cultural celebrities to build houses and live in them with cheap land prices, to create a new cultural village, to develop the local economy, and to upgrade the “level”. Some 3,900 households are facing forced evictions because of the authorities’ inconsistent policies.

There were also reports that the man in charge of the affair had been arrested. The present government does not recognize this account. But now changping district Xiangtang town small property houses have been included in the illegal buildings, need to be demolished. This area must be restored with green hills and clear waters as directed by President Xi jinping.