Invigorate qi and blood? Strengthen spleen and warm stomach? Brown sugar, lauded by the Chinese, is really just an IQ tax

We always say that too much sugar is bad for you.

But when it comes to brown sugar, this starts to double – label.

Brown sugar and white sugar are two of the most common sugars in life, but some people think that white sugar is unhealthy and brown sugar is more nutritious than white sugar.

Especially during aunt’s visit, a cup of hot brown sugar gave the girls much relief.

What invigorates qi and nourishes blood, invigorates the spleen and warms the stomach, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis… Brown sugar has been given a variety of titles, and even a number of health products rely on it to share the market.

The same sugar, why brown sugar so preferential?

Brown sugar and white sugar are extracted from sugarcane, but brown sugar in sugarcane juice, is only a preliminary refining purification, even without refining purification, directly after drying sugar, so also known as the original sucrose.

White sugar is “refined” and “decolorized” more than brown sugar. After refining, some impurities, burnt flavor and caramel color in sugarcane will be removed, so it looks white.

When it comes to nutrition, brown sugar is higher!

Because brown sugar is between 88% and 96% sucrose, the original vitamin and mineral content of sugar cane will be retained, so the nutrition is higher than white sugar.

As for those so called “black sugar”, “yellow sugar” on the market, actually the essence is brown sugar, the darker the color, the more impurities, the lower the purity of sugar.

So in comparison, brown sugar is actually higher than white sugar!

Note, it’s just a little bit, but in terms of nutrients as a whole, that little bit of brown sugar is so limited that it’s not recommended as a supplemental food source.

After all, brown sugar is also sugar, eat more nature is not good for the body.

According to the WHO dietary guidelines, adults should consume no more than 25 grams of free sugar a day, or about two tablespoons.

Brown sugar does not enrich blood effect at all?

Supplementing blood is to supplement hemoglobin, first of all to supplement hematopoietic raw materials, iron is one of the important materials in the body hematopoietic raw materials, iron in brown sugar is very little, it is difficult to achieve the effect of supplementing blood by brown sugar water alone.

However, brown sugar does contain iron, but in very small amounts.

Secondly, the iron in brown sugar belongs to non-heme iron, and its absorption is obviously affected by food, such as phytate and oxalate in grains, grains and vegetables, as well as polyphenols in tea and coffee, which can affect the absorption and operation of iron.

The lack of acid in the stomach or the use of too many antacids prevents the release of iron ions and prevents iron absorption, so brown sugar has a little blood-enriching effect, but only a small one.

So women who are anaemic should not count on brown sugar for iron supplements. The sugar content per 100 grams of brown sugar is only 2mg, with poor absorption.

Brown sugar, whether can strengthen spleen warm stomach?

This is even more pure nonsense, the so-called warm stomach, in fact, is the same as you chew a piece of bread, will produce “heat”, not only “warm stomach”, but also can warm up to the “intestines”.

So those businesses advertise the so – called “tonic qi tonic blood” and other effects, most are commercial speculation! If you want to eat these to improve your health, you may eat yourself fat before you improve!