Toothache is not disease may be a sign of sudden death! “2 purple 2 pain” advise you to seek medical advice in time

A heart attack is a very serious heart condition, and many people talk about it with fear.

In recent years, heart attack is not only a disease of the elderly, many young people can also suffer from this disease, so for this disease no matter what age, it should be taken good precautions.

Although the disease may occur suddenly, it is not completely asymptomatic.

When the body appears “2 purple 2 pain”, need to pay attention to. Before the onset of a heart attack, your body may signal that these two areas are purple and that they are painful.

  1. Purple lips

In general, a healthy person tends to have pale pink lips.

But when there is a serious blockage in the heart and blood vessels, there is not enough oxygen in the blood and the blood supply to the lips is not satisfied, which can lead to lips turning purple.

So watch out when your lips turn darker or bluish over time, which could be a sign from your heart.

  1. Your tongue is purple

Normally, a healthy tongue is slightly reddened and has a pale pink tinge.

But when there is a heart problem, the tongue can become purple, bruise or white with coating. In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is therefore important to pay attention to these situations, which are likely to be a distress signal from the heart.

3, chest pain,

Before myocardial infarction comes, one of the most common manifestations is chest pain, this is because the cardiovascular in the occurrence of serious blockages, blood vessels will produce the situation of spasm, resulting in a feeling of pressure and pain in the chest, serious also accompanied by nausea, vomiting symptoms.

So pay attention when you have these symptoms, it could be a heart problem.

4, a toothache

A toothache doesn’t have to be an oral problem. It can also be related to a heart attack.

Clinically, toothache caused by heart disease is often referred to as “cardiogenic toothache”. This kind of toothache is different from ordinary toothache. Toothache caused by heart disease often presents as severe pain, but the location of the pain is not very clear, and the symptoms will not be relieved after taking painkillers.

So be careful when you have a toothache like this, it’s probably a signal from the heart.

So you know, when you have these two purple pains, you need to pay attention to heart problems,

So for the heart of the people, in the daily attention to what problems?

First, diet

For people with heart problems, pay attention to low-salt and low-sugar diets.

Because high sugar food will affect the normal metabolism of the body, will also lead to human obesity, when the blood sugar rise, will also make the vascular environment disorders, for cardiovascular health is very adverse.

High-salt diets, on the other hand, can cause problems with high blood pressure, which can damage blood vessels, so try to keep both foods to a minimum.

Second, keep a good attitude

Happy really can cure all kinds of diseases, the human heart is very fragile, if often angry, or by what stimulation, will lead to blood pressure soaring, the burden of the heart will be greater.

Therefore, in peacetime, must know how to adjust the mood, timely release their own pressure.

Third, pay attention to keep warm

When it comes to autumn and winter, it’s time to keep warm, because cold air can irritate blood vessels, causing them to constrict and putting more strain on the heart.

So, in the cold winter, if you need to go outside, be sure to wrap yourself up warm and protect your heart.

To sum up, when you have purple lips, tongue, chest or teeth pain, you should pay attention to your heart, because it is likely to be a distress signal from the heart, and you should timely check to ensure the health of your heart.

In addition, in daily life, we should also pay attention to the protection of the heart, eat less food with high sugar and salt, keep a good attitude, pay attention to keep warm.