Eat more vegetables health good reminder: 3 kinds of vegetables surface is no problem actually poisonous still have no nutrition

Food is the first priority of the people; “Food safety” is attached importance by more and more people in modern society. Attention to health, diet is the first thing, eat safe to a large extent is more critical than eat nutrition, as someone often asked me a question: Teacher Wang, which vegetables can not be eaten, which vegetables are toxic ah? It is not hard to see that people are more concerned about the “harmful content”, put aside the rumor, today to talk with you about those “not recommended to eat toxic vegetables”.

Vegetables, a kind of plant food, a kind of advice that everyone “every day to the amount (300-500 grams) intake of food”, rich in vitamins, plant active substances, dietary fiber and other nutrients, eating value is higher, more suitable for modern people to taste.

These vegetables are “poisonous” and are not recommended:

Green beans that have not been heated to maturity:

When green beans are not heated and mature, they contain large doses of saponins and trypsin inhibitors, which are easy to induce food poisoning and lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness and other symptoms of food poisoning, which deserve our attention.

Looking at a variety of food poisoning incidents in the market, there are many cases of bean food poisoning, and many groups such as kindergartens (canteens) are also prone to this problem.

Fresh daylilies:

This should be one thing everyone should know: don’t eat fresh daylilies, or there will be serious consequences.

Fresh daylilies contain colchicine, which is metabolised into a toxin called dicolchicine, which causes symptoms such as dry throats, burning stomachs and even blood and urine.

Because of this, when eating day lily should choose “dry day lily”, do not increase the threat to the body.

Unripe tomatoes and sprouted potatoes:

Whether not matured tomatoes (general cyan tomatoes) or sprout green potatoes, which contain a toxin, the toxin called alkaloid glucoside, namely we often say “solanine base”, intake can increase the risk of food poisoning, from the mouth is bitter to abdominal pain, diarrhea, poisoning symptoms have different, but can bring a lot of trouble to the body.

So, eat potatoes, pay attention to eat now buy, don’t wait for their buds to go to eat; Eat tomatoes until they are fully ripe. Don’t bury your mines.

I want to say something:

In fact, no matter what kind of food you eat, from the Angle of food safety, food hygiene, suggest that we “eat cooked not to eat raw meat or vegetables, are so, there is no mature food processing easy bacteria and other microorganisms, impurities, pesticides and other harmful substances, higher risk, especially seafood kind of food, once poisoning is likely to cause the body appears irreversible damage (fugu, for example). In other words, from a taste point of view, food tastes better when it’s cooked, tastes better, so why bother?

Eat, a happy thing, do not be their own “random as” affect the health; Make clear with reliable scientific knowledge “safe diet” this matter, trade safety for health; May you have healthy and safe food for every meal, and may your body become better because of your meals.