At 91 years old, he is still clear-sighted and full of real teeth

“Seventy years of life is rare”, refers to the ancient lack of nutrition, living conditions were difficult situation. Now that the average life expectancy has reached 80 years, these elderly people have weathered the storms of life and overcome various difficulties to survive into old age. No matter what state of mind, in my opinion, is also a kind of achievement!

Faced with the word “old”, how should we live from where we are and enjoy it? As a healer, I offer some thoughts as the “old generation” takes shape.

Idleness and want less is the right way

Old age ring in the “get”, to be less and less desire, the most avoid old flowers, also complacent. The time of the elderly is precious, and if they spend their time in the pursuit and predation of the physical world, greed and covetousness will only blind the clearest self. For example, old and lost, addicted to the card table, gambling, the stock market, men and women relationship, inevitably have gain and loss heart, which is not conducive to Longevity.

Work to refresh your mind

In the first ten years of life, you can still work if you take care of yourself. You just need to reduce your workload, and you don’t have to rush like you did when you were young. You need to spend at least half your time taking care of your body.

Old, unable to be defined by physiology or age, but a kind of indescribably timid and rigid temperament, to put it more bluntly, the state of mind “decayed”, the town day sigh, it seems to be time to return, this “great sorrow than heart death” will weakened phenomenon, is really a health taboo. In an age of increasing longevity, assuming retirement at 60 still accounts for a quarter or more of life, how to manage that time has to be carefully planned.

Postponing retirement age has been the general trend, of course, it is also the opportunity for healthy elderly people, so according to this trend, learning, health management and investment, moderate work, has become the main axis of the life of the new generation of silver.

From the age of 50 at the latest, continuous health management and investment should not be slack, and the achievements will be seen over time. Work is the best way to activate your mind and maintain a proper social network. Just has been more than 30 years old, for the workplace, should get rid of the early bloodthirsty chase, with a more pure, dedicated attitude to face, because everything has its own “reward”.

Old Chinese doctor Ma Guangya doctor longevity health secret – push Yongquan point

My teacher, Dr. Ma Guangya, has been working in Taichung Chinese Medical College every week for nearly 20 years from the age of 62 to 80. Finally, due to the number of patients, for the sake of health, decided to stop.

By the age of 91, the teacher was still able to see and hear, and had a full mouth of real teeth, except for his weak legs. Ma Teacher push Yongquan point for many years, more than 90 years old luxuriant hair still sheng. Yongquan point for the kidney by well point, often push the increase of memory, not old, lush. (Edited: Dr. Ma Guangya passed away in 2005)

Yongquan point is about 1/3 in the front of the foot in the center.

Push yongquan method: the right hand grasp the right foot, the left hand grasp the left foot, thumb massage the sole of the foot, follow the Central Line of the sole, push and press to the front 1/3 of the foot, thumb slow advance, make a circular rotation, can be repeated.