Chinese medicine diet regimen do not randomly use these several diet formula suitable for anyone

Many people don’t like to take medicine when they are sick, because it doesn’t smell good and even tastes bitter, so many people choose to take food therapy. After the disease to choose the right diet prescription, for the treatment of disease is beneficial.

In daily life, many people do not like to take medicine when they are sick. After all, the medicine does not smell good and even has a bitter taste, so many people choose to take food therapy. After the disease to choose the right diet prescription, for the treatment of disease is beneficial. You can also choose diet therapy in your daily life, which can enhance your physical quality and reduce the probability of getting sick. Please choose traditional Chinese medicine diet health people, must first understand some diet notes, do not mess.

What should Chinese medicine dietotherapy keep in good health notice

First, pay attention to the disease

After illness, some people will choose food therapy to treat the disease. If the right prescription is chosen, the therapeutic effect will be enhanced. But if you mess up, it will aggravate your condition. Because ill will certainly take medicine, when choosing food, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is conflict with medicine.

For example, eat cold medicine, can not eat white radish, drink green bean soup and so on, because these foods will break down the medicine. For instance took gastric medicine, cannot eat spinach, lemon to wait for acid food, can produce reaction with the gastric medicine that contains alkalescent component otherwise, go against neutralize the gastric acid with too much in the stomach.

Two, pay attention to the crowd

Diet therapy can treat diseases, but only for some people, not all people are suitable for diet therapy. Moreover, the choice of food therapy should be related to the constitution. If you eat in a disorderly way, others will say yes to eat, not only cannot improve the disease, but also may aggravate the condition.

For example, weak people, do not eat big tonic medicated diet therapy, because the deficiency is not tonic, the body ingested a lot of nourishing food, got a lot of nutrients, the body can not absorb at all. But easy to lead to the body burden, leading to the body more weak. For example, Yin deficiency of people, do not eat warm tonic medicine, eat so, will further consume the Yin fluid inside the body, but lead to Yin deficiency problems. On the contrary, people with deficiency of Yin need to eat food to nourish Yin, so as to nourish the disease and have good nourishing effect.

Among them, pregnant women belong to a special group of people, the choice of diet health is to be careful. Do not want to undertake dietotherapy at will, especially lukewarm fill the medicaments food with effect strong, excitant, bring about human body occurrence problem very easily. For example, part of the medicinal diet has the role of meridian activating, activating blood circulation and removing stasis, pregnant women eat but easy to cause abortion. Pregnant women want to eat health, it is recommended to choose daily nourishing soup congee, choose anyone can eat, light class has to be more appropriate.

A fall and winter diet for everyone

  1. Red date porridge

Prepare 100G rice, 45G red peanut kernels, 10 red dates, 1 section peeled yams. Then wash the rice and bring it to a boil in a pot with water. Then put in the washed red dates peanut kernel, cut the yam segment to cook together. Finally wait until the porridge thickens, you can add salt to taste and eat.

This porridge contains red jujube to nourish qi and blood, peanut in red dress to nourish qi, yam to supplement Qi, eat more has the function of nourishing appearance, nourishing blood and nourishing spleen.

Black chicken soup

Prepare half a black chicken, 30 grams of tremella, 20 grams of ginkgo and 4 dates. Then cut the black chicken into small pieces and rinse with water. Then put tremella into a bowl and add in water to make it soft. Then wash ginkgo and dates and set aside. Put all the ingredients into the pot, pour water over the ingredients and simmer in a steamer for an hour or two. Add ginger slices and simmer for about 10 minutes before starting the pan. Add chopped cilantro and salt to taste and serve.

This soup has the function of moistening lung and stomach, nourishing Yin and blood, and beautifying complexion. The weather is dry in autumn and winter, and the lung is easily damaged by the raging evil. You should drink more of this soup to help dispel the dryness in your body.