“Gong Han archenemy” has been found! Women often eat six kinds of food to drive away the cold and moisten the womb

There is a saying that “nine out of ten women are cold”, which mainly refers to the cold of the uterus.

It is well known that the uterus is a very important organ for women, not only to maintain the balance and stability of the female body, but also to give birth to new life.

In case of uterine cold, women may have irregular menstruation, lower abdomen pain, waist and knee pain and other problems. In severe cases, infertility may occur.

Therefore, there is gong Cold trouble, must be timely conditioning.

For gong Han, choosing food therapy is a very effective way. There are a number of common foods in life that can be a powerful weapon in warding off cold, including the following ones that women can eat more of.

  1. Motherwort

Motherwort is a food commonly used by women to regulate their bodies and has a very good effect on health. Motherwort has the effect of warming the uterus, but also can promote the uterus detoxification.

Can help women to strengthen the blood qi, when the blood is running well, the cold in the womb is easy to be forced away.

For the health of the uterus, women can adhere to the long-term consumption of motherwort, the effect will make you satisfied.

2, black beans

Many people know that black bean has the function of enhancing Yang and tonifying kidney, but few people know that it can cure the cold of the palace. The reason why black beans have this effect is because black beans can regulate the breath in the body, smooth breath helps the uterus to expel cold, so it can improve the symptoms of uterine cold, is a strange way for women to warm the uterus.

3, donkey-hide gelatin,

For Ejiao, female friends are not strange, this is a beauty beauty beauty, has a very good maintenance effect, favored by women.

Especially for the gong Han problem, the effect is most prominent.

Women eat a little ejiao every day, can play the role of strengthening the body, harmonizing qi and blood, promote the health of the uterus.

It also increases your body’s absorption of calcium, making you look younger mentally and physically.

4, red bean

The nutritional value of red bean is very high, contain rich protein, vitamin and a variety of minerals, these substances have the function of nourishing the stomach and spleen, promoting digestion and absorption.

For women suffering from uterine cold, they often eat some red bean congee, which can supply the uterus with qi and blood, warm the uterus, speed up the blood flow, improve the activity of the uterus, and effectively relieve some symptoms brought by uterine cold.

5, longan

Longan is a hot food, has a very good effect of warming the palace, is a female friends can not ignore the health food.

The iron content in longan is very high. Women often eat it, which can promote the generation of blood and avoid the uterine cold caused by insufficient blood in utero and poor circulation.

And longan is also conducive to the discharge of cold and wet air in the uterus, to a certain extent to maintain the effect of the uterus.

Want to remember, the female that has gong Han problem only can often eat longan, but need right amount, can appear otherwise catch fire phenomenon.

  1. Black wolfberry

Black lycium barbarum contains a large amount of anthocyanin, which can promote the excretion of uterine endotoxin, restore the vitality of the uterus, regulate the problem of uterine cold.

In addition, black lycium barbarum has high nutritional value and is a kind of tonic. After being eaten by women, it can also promote the secretion of estrogen, improve the skin activity, beauty and beauty effect, and also have a good promotion effect on the body quality.

There are plenty of foods that can help you keep your womb warm and healthy.

To achieve better results, in addition to food to dispel the body’s cold, with the right amount of exercise is essential.

Exercise generates heat and Yang qi, which helps to eliminate cold in the womb and better care for your uterus.