Eat the right food and you won’t look old! Famous doctors published 12 kinds of meditation ingredients to speed up detoxification

Some of my friends, even after middle age, still look their age, and energetic. Preventive medicine specialist Lausanne adds ginseng, keep in good health with natural Angle, explain the secret that does not show old age, besides regular life and motion, eat right food, can defer ageing, calm mind. We’re not talking about exotic foods here, but fresh, whole foods that are readily available.

Religious people, qigong masters and monastics often do not look old. They have a stable mind and do not often get sick. In addition to practice, I think another important factor is that they “all know how to eat!” It’s not about grabbing a new restaurant to eat, it’s about knowing what to eat that’s good for your soul. Some foods, which drag down the body, also make it difficult to purify the mind. Feeling dull, moody, irritable, and always tired? You may have accidentally eaten a putrid, contaminated, heavily flavored food. Other things I would avoid are reheated leftovers, canned foods, carbonated drinks, stale meat, and excessive amounts of caffeine.

Avoid dark foods to speed up your metabolism of toxins

Sometimes people are not really sick, or have a particularly poor ability to control their emotions, but are disturbed by these dark foods. If you eat the wrong thing, it takes a lot of effort to metabolize it.

People recovering from diseases often have poor digestion, metabolism and detoxification functions, so they should be more careful in choosing the food they eat, reduce interference and unnecessary consumption, and spend most of their energy on self-healing.

Observe the habits of Hindu and Buddhist yogi. During their practice, they often supplement their body with pure, energetic food, or the so-called Sattvic Diet, aiming to minimize the burden of digestion and metabolism on the body. In this way, the integration of body and mind can be easier.

Eat more whole foods to speed up your metabolism.

Take turns to take 12 kinds of meditation good food to replenish energy does not show old

Avocado: Contains high quality oils that protect your brain and heart. The nutritional value is comparable to breast milk. But avocado is high in calories and for those in need of weight loss, I suggest sharing it with a friend. Nourish yourself with avocado, and may you return to your true, carefree innocence. (Recommended reading: Beauty, heart care Avocado: call me number one)

Bananas: An excellent source of trace minerals, which are especially important for your peace of mind. Melancholy, can not sleep, bear trauma and pressure, a few yellow banana belly, will usher in a golden happy life for you.

(Strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries are listed as brain foods, rich in antioxidants.)

Berry: Gem of energy that provides vitality. One tiny grain holds the secret to oxidation. I wouldn’t say “a woman who eats strawberries and blueberries doesn’t age,” but I’m sure she does age more slowly than the angry one next door.

Fresh, unsweetened orange juice: Some call it “God’s distilled water,” suggesting that instead of drinking your medicine when you’re sick, you should use it as a preventive drink when you’re healthy. What’s more, it’s delicious! Please try to choose freshly pressed and drink it within half an hour.

Figs: Besides being delicious with cheese, figs also help your intestines get rid of the bad and keep the good. Rely on it for physical and mental cleaning! Learn from figs how to separate the wheat from the chaff and leave behind what really matters.

Kiwi fruit: Low GI helps you get rid of the emotional rush caused by your blood sugar imbalance. The world has changed, if coupled with roller coaster – like moodiness, that life is really difficult. For a picture of happiness, try kiwi fruit! Another recipe for comfort: peel clean, even eat meat belt, constipation solution.

Papaya: Don’t worry too much if you eat dark food. Papaya will save you. Belly grumpy, mood a little bad, why solve worry? Only papaya. Papaya is rich in enzyme, which can be regarded as a gastrointestinal artifact. Eighty percent of the serotonin responsible for happiness comes from your digestive system. To feel happy, remember to supplement the natural enzyme, do not let the stomach unhappy.

(Broccoli and other cruciferous food, not only high fiber, and high water content, can increase the effect of fat burning.)

Cruciferae family the most powerful cancer-preventing family on the surface. When air pollution hits, they can also help your lungs. Family members include: green white cauliflower, purple white cabbage, cabbage, radish, cabbage… Take a look in your garden if you have the chance. The four-flowered cross is here.

Vanilla family: sage, rosemary, thyme, a few in the home, can be landscaped, can be into the dish, can smell sweet, kill three birds with one stone. I particularly value their antibacterial properties and hope that they will help you to increase your adaptability to the environment and stress. In addition, make good use of herbs in cooking, use less seasoning, reduce salt intake to protect blood vessels, how good.

Sweet potato: good for young and old to eat, but also can prevent a variety of digestive problems caused by diseases. If you want to lose weight, you should give up the delicate starch. You should hold the hot sweet potato just baked. The feeling of good healing and satisfaction should not be given up. Now to buy ready – made edible sweet potato is also very convenient, baked, steamed, supermarket have.

(Turmeric fights cancer and dementia, but it’s not suitable for people with kidney disease, stomach ulcers, blocked bile ducts and pregnant women.)

Turmeric: A natural tranquilizer that relives chronic inflammation and provides the opportunity to start a new cycle that will help you break out of your painful cycle of inertia. You don’t have to rely on curcumin supplements; turmeric is plentiful in delicious curries.

Honey: It can improve your resistance to flu, and bring you a sweet, pleasant feeling. It is a powerful backing for your body and mind. My favorite is Manuka honey from New Zealand. However, Taiwan good honey is also a lot, want to sweet but afraid of refined sugar hurt the body, eat natural honey!

In addition to the 12 calming foods listed above, whole grains, seeds such as sesame and green beans, a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits, local herbs, green or pu-erh tea, and cheese made in the traditional way are also good choices.

When my diet is dominated by these foods, I can be calm and at ease throughout the day, even if I don’t have much time to sit still and chant sutras. By optimizing your diet, you will also be able to achieve a greater level of mindfulness.