Can eat corn drop blood fat every day? Peking University professor: That’s a big mistake. What really lowers blood lipids is this thing

With the development of productivity, for the choice of eating more and more, our life is getting better and better, but a lot of diseases are to arrive, especially as hyperlipidemia that kind of chronic metabolic diseases, due to poor diet and living habits, it is easy to develop a lot of young people, once the improper control, it is easy to induce cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and other disease of heart head blood-vessel, so once found abnormal body, will be timely medical examination.

Why are the elderly more prone to hyperlipidemia?

Around we will find a lot of people with high cholesterol are the elderly, indeed, according to the institute of medicine related data statistics, about 70% of the patients with hyperlipidemia in China for the elderly in 45 to 70 years old, this is mainly due to increased with age, their metabolic rate began to reduce, the large amount of harmful substances and waste, can not be timely eduction body outside, because do not pay attention to diet, often eat some foods high in fat and cholesterol content is, lead to blood viscosity increases, a large number of lipid deposited more easily, piling up on the lining of blood vessels, the formation of blood clots, Not only can it block the blood vessel aggravating the degree of hardening of the blood vessel, but also can induce cerebral infarction and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Eat these 3 kinds of food less, blood vessel is unobstructed, keep away from hyperlipidemia

  1. High-fat foods

So high blood fat people, the first food must eat less adipose content is higher in food, such as daily life, we eat pork belly, ribs are high fat food, it contains lots of saturated fatty acids, into the bloodstream, easily lead to blood lipid levels, so this kind of food should eat less.

  1. Carbohydrates

In addition to fatty foods, higher carbohydrate food also should eat less, the typical representative of this kind of food such as rice, flour, noodles, these carbohydrates into our body, decomposition, digestion into glucose, once can not be timely metabolism in vitro, is easy to translate into fat storage in the body, also exacerbate the clotting of blood, a large amount of lipid is deposited easily, thrombosis blocked blood vessels.

Foods high in cholesterol

High cholesterol food must eat less, this kind of food in the typical animal internal organs and egg yolk class food, we eat barbecue is contains a lot of animal internal organs, such as grilled chicken, grilled chicken, roast duck liver intestine, etc., in addition we eat an egg a day can only eat one, it is also because egg yolk contains large amounts of cholesterol substances, often eat can also cause our blood fat rise.

Can eat corn drop blood fat every day?

Some people think that corn as a whole grain, is there a lipid lowering effect? Corn does, in fact, to a certain extent, can have the effect of the auxiliary fall hematic fat, this is mainly due to the corn contains large amounts of dietary fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, into our intestinal tract, can increase the intestinal peristalsis, reduce the intestinal absorption of fat and cholesterol material, at the same time, it contains unsaturated fatty acid into our blood, still can inhibit lipid synthesis, is not easy to form the blood clots, but alone eat corn to fall hematic fat is not desirable, must want to listen to the doctor’s advice, drug treatment in a timely manner.

Peking University professor: These two things really reduce blood lipid

Do more aerobic exercises

High lipid content in daily life, must make more aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming, jumping rope, etc., older people can tai chi, walking, exercise not only can use our body fat, but also can accelerate the metabolism of human body, will be a lot of harmful substances and waste out of the body, changes in plants could also reduce the clotting of blood, lipid deposition are also easy to form thrombus, blood vessels is not blocked, people will be more healthy.

Drink plenty of water daily

In addition to regular aerobic exercise, daily life also want to drink water more, drink water at the same time, can eat some rich in gansu, acid fat vein nutrition, can speed up our blood circulation, decompose redundant lipid, will be a lot of harmful substances and waste out of the body, quickly reduce blood viscous degree, dredging vessels, people also will be more healthy.