Electric kettles are so convenient. Why do foreigners seldom use them? After listening to the analysis I threw out the house!

Have electric kettle, electric kettle to boil water is very convenient, but small make up a friend lived abroad for a period of time, he found a small detail, is the habit of almost all foreigners to use electric kettle boil water, my friend feel very strange, electric kettle so convenient, why foreigners don’t use electric kettle?

The first point: because the foreign drinking water quality is very good, there is no scale inside. Foreign tap water has been purified and filtered to reach the standard of direct drinking, so there is no need to boil the water before drinking.

Second, foreign voltages are different from ours. For example, in Canada, Japan, the United States and other places, 110V voltage is used. Low voltage will slow down the heating speed of electric kettles.

Thirdly, there are differences in eating habits. Most Chinese people like drinking tea, while foreigners are not used to drinking tea, so there is no need for boiling water. Foreigners drink more coffee, even if they drink coffee, they will have a coffee machine to make coffee, so there is no need for a hot kettle.

Fourth, some inferior electric kettles are made of materials that contain “high manganese steel” with poor memory. It is not safe to use, especially in foreign countries where standards are very high. It costs a lot to produce electric kettles in full compliance with regulations, and electric kettles have no market in foreign countries, which is normal.

Therefore, when the netizens choose electric kettles, to choose good quality, food grade electric kettles, it is recommended to choose 304 or 430 stainless steel electric kettles.