Legend of Ancient Cultivation Series 21: One Line (2)

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The monks became monks when they were young and were valued by contemporary people for their intelligence and wisdom. Tang Xuanzong called him into the Hall of light to rewrite the almanac, and later moved to live in the Hall of Li, with the academician students to examine and verify. So a group of monks wrote one volume of the Kaiyuan Dayan Calendar, ten volumes of the Almanac, twelve volumes of the Almanac, twenty-four volumes of the Almanac, and three volumes of the Seven Political Changli, a total of five and fifty volumes. He died of illness before he had time to report it to emperor Xuanzong. The prime Minister Zhang said that after submitting the remains of the monks to the Emperor Xuanzong, Xuanzong issued an edict and ordered the use of a new calendar written by one line.

At the beginning, zhang Taisu, the founder of the first line, wrote the Book of the Later Wei, one hundred volumes, of which the Book of Heaven and Literature was not finished, but a continuation of it was completed. Xuanzong wrote an inscription for a line and wrote it on the stone himself. He took out his inner Treasury and spent 500,000 yuan to build a tower for him on the bronze statue’s original site. The next year, xuanzong drove his horse to the hot spring. After passing his tower, he stopped his horse to wander and ordered officials of high rank to go to the tower and tell a group of the sons of Heaven about the intention of the autumn parade. He also gave fifty silk rolls to plant pines and cypress in front of the tower.

Monks and pu han xing had been saying to Yin yoon, ‌ ‌ “line is probably a saint? Los Hong under calendar, han said: ‌ ‌ ‘error after eight hundred day, fix it must be a saint. At the end of this year, when the time limit had expired and the party had compiled the Da Yan Calendar to correct the errors of Luo Xiahong, what would make it true if it were not a saint? ‌ ‌”

At the beginning, a line of monks made a zodiacal instrument to present to the emperor. Emperor Xuanzong personally wrote the Inscription of You Yi, and then handed it to the Eunuch, who placed it on a mourning platform for observing the celestial phenomena to measure the hour of the day. Xuanzong summoned him and asked him to introduce its purpose to all officials in the Hall of Wu Cheng. The dexterity of this instrument is regarded as divine power.

In the 12th year of Kaiyuan (724), the party proposed to measure the Height of the North Pole and the length of the shadow of the sun on the winter solstice and the spring equinox at 24 places across the country, and designed an instrument called a complex moment map to measure the height of the North Pole. (This is the world’s first effort to measure the meridian.) Xuanzong sent taishi Dachang, Yuantai and others to Annam, Lang, Agon and other states by post coach to measure the shadow. At the same time, at the vernal equinox, autumnal Equinox, summer solstice and winter solstice, the measurement of the shadow of the sun took several years to settle down. The shadow of the sun on the winter solstice is 7 ‘9 “2” long, the vernal and autumnal equinoxes are 2’ 9 “3” long, and on the summer solstice the shadow is 3 “1” long in the south. The North Pole of Yokono army in Weizhou is 40 degrees high. The winter solstice shadow is 1.5 feet and 8 minutes long. The vernal and autumnal equinoxes are 6 feet and 6 inches and 2 feet and 2 inches and 9 minutes long. These two places are the South Pole and the North Pole of China’s territory. Lang, dagon, taiyuan, in states such as difference of each are not identical, with hook method to calculate, said ‌ ‌ “about north and south poles apart in eighty thousand. Almanac Chen Xuanjing and proficient in math, exclamation: ‌ ‌ the ancients said, “use tube to astronomical phenomena, use a ladle to measure the water of the sea, believed to be impossible things. Now a monk uses zhang and ruler as units to measure the size of heaven and earth. How can it be measured? How can heaven and earth be called great if they speak according to a line of monks? ‌ ‌ “later, Chen Xuanjing to check check line of monks wrote” after “, make it more precise, until now to use or the “after”. He died fifteen years after Kaiyuan at the age of forty-five, and was given a great preacher of wisdom.

One line was also very successful in mathematics. In The Dayan Calendar, he proposed the interpolation method of quadratic difference with unequal interval of self-variable. Absorbing the sinusoidal function passed in from India and used in compiling astronomical tables; An approximate interpolation formula with cubic difference is presented. The quadratic interpolation with unequal interval of self-variable is superior to the quadratic interpolation with equal interval invented by Liu Zhuo, which proves that the line has high mathematical attainments. A line of achievements in mathematics, many ancient Chinese mathematical history works are introduced, and highly appraised.

That same year, a line and beam makes hae-chan in inherit zhang heng ‌ ‌ “water transportation it ‌ ‌” theory on the basis of the design and manufacture of ‌ ‌ “water transportation armillary sphere ‌ ‌”. The water-borne Armillary sphere is carved with a water injection wheel for a week each day, which coincides with the apparent motion of celestial bodies on Sunday. Half water armillary sphere in the tank, tank on the box, as to the natural clock ‌ ‌ “. The whole water-borne armillary sphere can not only demonstrate the visual movement of the sun, moon and stars, but also tell the time automatically. It was the earliest timepiece in the world, more than 600 years before the appearance of foreign self-chiming clocks. The achievements of a line of others surpassed That of Zhang Heng.

By the end of the Kaiyuan, Pei Kuan was a buddhist in Henan Province. He believed in Buddhism and treated Pu Ji zen master with the courtesy of his master. He visited him all day and all night. One day, PeiKuan again at peace, at ji said: ‌ ‌ “I have a little thing, is too busy to ramble with you, please take a rest here. ‌ ‌ “PeiKuan quietly came to an empty house, see ji cleaning the front hall, incense, sitting there. Didn’t sit long, suddenly heard a knock at the door, al Jefferson said ‌ ‌ “tianshi line monk to ‌ ‌”. On entering, he saluted Puchi, and when he had finished, he whispered in puchi’s ear, in the most respectful manner. Universal merely accepted, and made no indefensible gesture. Bow to whisper out again, and code, so repeated three times, at peace only said ‌ ‌ “be, be ‌ ‌”. There is nothing but consent. With that he went down the steps into the South room and shut the door behind him. ‘s silence came slowly commanded disciple, ‌ ‌ “put the clock! A line of monks dying (dead)! ‌ ‌ rushed to see him. “really like ji mage said. after the death of a line, Pei Kuan dressed in mourning, foot funeral out of the city.

A line once the above-mentioned admonition tang clear huang: ‌ ‌ “your majesty, absolutely can’t ZongZi served as prime minister in the future, also can’t use sweet minister as a warrior. ‌ ‌ “line refers to the imperial clan son Li Linfu will court grabbed power in the future, troops stationed will be launched at the king’s court mutiny, (predicted an lushan) east inverse thief will be breached. But Xuanzong did not know what he meant.

Emperor Xuanzong once asked Thich Nhat Hanh how the kingdom of Tang was zuo. A line to say: ‌ ‌ “LuanYu Wan Lizhi line. The whole country is good. ‌ ‌ “xuan zong stunned speechless. Later, due to the chaos of An and Shi, Xuanzong of tang avoided the disaster of Shu and drove to wanli Bridge. Xuanzong suddenly remembered what he had said. It really is a thousand-mile trip. Emperor tang zhaozong has been dubbed the king, a line says ‌ ‌ “state finally, ‌ ‌”, meaning datang ascended to zhao zong, is over. And so it turned out.

On his deathbed, he predicted the chaos of An Shi and the refuge of Xuanzong. He filled the bag with an object and asked his disciple to present it to Xuanzong. Tang Xuanzong opened it and found it was angelica from The land of Shu. Tang Xuanzong was puzzled. When the Rebellion broke out, Xuanzong took refuge in Sichuan. Only when he drove back from Sichuan did he understand the meaning of Angelica.