It’s actually responsible for your obesity

It’s not sugar that’s making you fat, and it’s not because you’re eating fat, it’s probably because of it — the sugar and oil mixture!

What is a sugar and oil mixture

Mixture of sugar and fat is in the midst of nature itself is not natural, is neither a pure sugar, is not a simple lipids, but mix sugar and lipid after artificial refined type of food, this kind of food is considered a very high energy, is the largest source of human obesity, such as cream cakes, ice cream, doughnuts, Fried rice, Fried flour, sugar, oil BaBa, braise in soy sauce meat, Fried dough twist, biscuits and so on, these all belong to processed foods, in the process of making all necessary to join a lot of sugar and fat to make it tasty. They contain a lot of calories, at the same time delicious, not too greasy, not too sweet, but in the unconscious intake of a lot of calories.

Sugar and oil mixtures cause obesity

A lot of life experience also tells us that if simple eat butter and fat, you will taste a bit sick, in the same way, eat sugar or rice, you must don’t eat too much, but when you meet these sugar cookies, cakes, ice cream, braise in soy sauce meat after oil mixture, you can not control his mouth! And eating a mixture of high sugar and high oil has five times as many calories as eating pure oil and pure sugar.

Why is there nothing wrong with eating sugar or fat on its own, but a handful of them mixed together can be a Pandora’s box that makes people fatter? Scientists think this may be because the mixture of sugar and fat, rather than being natural, is an artificial, highly processed combination that makes the brain feel more pleasurable than either sugar or fat alone.

So, the culprit that causes obesity, may not be pure sugar or fat, but the sugar fat mixture that those precision processing!