Blood vessel “repair device” found is not white vinegar morning and night insist on drinking blood vessel clean as new

I believe we all know blood vessels, our body’s blood circulation is completed by the blood vessels throughout the body. If there is a problem with vascular health, many diseases will come to your door. Especially when some serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur, they often threaten life and health. Therefore, it can be said that the health of blood vessels determines a person’s health and longevity.

However, with the improvement of living standard in recent years, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases increases, and the incidence of vascular diseases also increases. Many people pay special attention to how to protect blood vessels and keep them healthy.

If you have these five habits, your blood vessels may be “scarred”

1, often big fish and meat

A diet of big fish and big meat has always been discouraged. This is because big fish and big meat will make the human body absorb too much fat and nutrients, and these excess substances accumulate in the blood vessels, not only easy to deposit in the blood vessel wall, block blood vessels, and easy to increase blood viscosity, thus causing thrombosis.

  1. I like smoking in my spare time

I believe that everyone knows the harm of smoking on the body. Studies have shown that people with a history of smoking develop significant atherosclerosis 10 years later, and even if you quit smoking, it would take you 10 years to fully recover from vascular damage.

  1. Too much sugar and salt

Eating too much sweet and salty is not good for the body, blood vessel health equals health, so eating too much sweet and salty is not good for blood vessel health. Normal blood vessels are very clear, but when people eat too much sugar and salt, they become very rough, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  1. You’re moody

The impact of emotions on health should not be underestimated. If a person is under long-term stress, hormones such as epinephrine will continue to be secreted, resulting in abnormal constriction of blood vessels and slower blood flow, which in turn will increase the burden of blood vessels and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Lack of exercise for a long time

Exercise is good medicine. Through exercise, you can eliminate waste products from the blood. However, if there is a long-term lack of exercise, it will be difficult to remove waste products from the blood. These wastes, such as fat and cholesterol, can accumulate in the blood, causing it to thicken and become dirty, making it easier to form atherosclerosis in the blood vessels. Like a hardened plaque.

If you don’t want to damage your blood vessels, keep in mind that “3 more, 3 less” protects your blood vessels

More than 3:

  1. Add more green plum citrus fruit: it contains a variety of amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other substances, and drink it every morning and evening, which can increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the accumulation of lipids and garbage in blood vessels, prevent the formation of thrombosis and atherosclerosis; It also improves the resistance of blood vessels to disease.

2, do more aerobic exercise: regular aerobic exercise, can increase the oxygen in the blood vessels, is conducive to the circulation of blood, can also promote the discharge of blood vessel waste, reduce the situation of blood vessel congestion.

  1. Get more sleep: Get enough sleep every day. Often stay up late, the general endocrine will be more chaotic, the body is easy to secrete too much hormone, easy to lead to abnormal vasoconstriction, but also easy to increase blood pressure, cerebral infarction and other diseases will greatly increase the risk.

3 less:

1, eat less food with high cholesterol: eat less animal viscera, animal oil, fat meat and other food, can eat more deep sea fish, maintain a healthy diet has a good maintenance effect on blood vessels.

  1. Less salt: Under normal circumstances, the daily salt intake of normal people should be controlled within 6 grams. However, in addition to salt, most of us often eat high-salt foods, which leads to excessive salt intake.

3, less tobacco and alcohol: tobacco and alcohol are the enemies of the blood vessels. Data research shows that smoking and drinking people’s blood viscosity is 8 times more than the normal. Therefore, staying away from alcohol and tobacco is the key to maintaining healthy blood vessels.