Why are heart attacks increasing? 3 Things to Do as little as possible don’t Give your heart trouble

In recent years the occurrence of heart disease is more and more people, heart disease is a general term, in fact it includes a very many kinds, there are pulmonary heart disease, coronary heart disease and hypertensive heart disease, and so on, and the occurrence of heart disease is mostly associated with our living habits and dietary habits are inseparable. The heart is an important organ in our body, beating all the time, and only its normal activity can maintain our body operation.

According to the statistics of the world Health Organization, the mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in China is as high as 4 million every year, and it is imperative to protect the heart in our life, and more than 80% is caused by coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is a kind of heart disease, it is due to coronary artery vascular sclerosis caused by vascular lesions, causing the vascular lumen is increasingly narrow, and eventually form a block leading to anoxic necrotizing heart disease.

Why are heart attacks increasing? 3 Things to do as little as possible, don’t give your heart trouble

Number 1: High mental pressure

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of our living standard, there are various kinds of mental pressure. Excessive mental pressure leads to overwork of the body. Long-term irregular work and rest also leads to lack of rest of the body, which easily leads to death from overwork.

Mental stress is actually a kind of psychological pressure, the pressure will continue to let our state of mind is more and more poor, also can let a person of thickening of the skin fat, caused the probability of obesity will greatly increase the obesity will increase the pressure of the blood vessels in the body, after the garbage in the blood vessel and the more and more, so you can make in a high incidence of heart disease.

Number two: Smoking or secondhand smoke

Smoking is a very bad habit, but many people just can’t avoid the temptation of cigarettes, especially for many men, if smoking one cigarette a day, then it increases the risk of coronary heart disease. About 12 percent of deaths from heart disease are estimated to be caused by tobacco use or secondhand smoke.

Harmful substances in tobacco can also raise blood pressure and increase the risk of hardening of the arteries, and increase the risk of heart attacks by more than 30 percent in people exposed to second-hand smoke. So to reduce your risk of heart disease, you should start by quitting smoking.

Number 3: A high-fat, high-salt diet

If you do not pay attention to the dietary process, often eat some high-fat and high-salt food over a long period of time, the body will have more and more bad cholesterol, which increases the risk of arteriosclerosis, easy to cause blockages of the heart blood vessels, and eventually lead to myocardial infarction.

And a diet high in salt and fat can increase the burden on blood vessels, leading to hypertensive heart disease. Therefore, it is suggested that we should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in the process of daily diet, and less spicy, greasy, salty and fatty food, which is conducive to the health of our blood vessels and heart.