Can high blood pressure drink coffee, tea? What you really need to avoid may be these

Hypertension is one of the common chronic metabolic diseases, and its incidence is also on the rise gradually. If parents have hypertension, the incidence of hypertension will increase in the offspring. If parents have hypertension when they are young, the offspring may be 45% hypertensive. In addition, due to the rapid development of modern society, life pressure, mental pressure from work and family, even insomnia, snoring, environmental noise and so on May cause high blood pressure. Some people are very sensitive to salt, eating too salty, or smoking can also increase the incidence of hypertension.

Can high blood pressure drink coffee, tea?

Actually these should be ok, but there is caffeine in coffee, tea has theophylline, if drink too much, fear can cause the heart rate to accelerate, so have high blood pressure, at the same time have the person of arrhythmia, do not recommend to drink too much, too strong.

For the general hypertension patients, drink some coffee, tea, a leisurely life, do not have to be too nervous, for the control of blood pressure is also very good, but also need to see the specific situation.

Drinking coffee is popular with many young people, while drinking tea may be for older people. It is not recommended to drink tea in the evening, no matter which kind it is. It will affect sleep and even lead to insomnia, which is bad for all aspects of the body.

What food does hypertension have to cannot eat?

1, smoke, this is definitely not allowed.

  1. Wine, this needs to be limited.

3, the diet should not be too sweet, too fat, too salty, need to be light.

It is important to note that although you need to eat a healthy diet, you should not only eat light food but also avoid fat. The person is to need protein, candy, adipose 3 big material to metabolize to become energy inside the body, and too much ability can accumulate become adipose, so fat thing should eat less as far as possible, for instance a few fat meat, lard, vegetable oil.

In addition, if accompanied by other diseases, such as diabetes, then sugar water is not to drink, if there is gout, beer is certainly not to drink, other causes uric acid food are not good.