No alcohol, diabetes worsens doctor: A habit after meals kills him

Uncle Li, 73, is in excellent health, which makes his children less worried and worried. However, just six months ago, Uncle Li was admitted to the hospital due to high blood sugar. At that time, his fasting blood sugar reached 6.3.

Unexpectedly, less than half a year, Uncle Li suddenly fainted at home, was sent to the hospital by the neighbor, found that the condition deteriorated, the blood sugar level at this time was as high as 19, that the news of the children cried, make them very confused, father usually do not drink, the diet is very light, why will it deteriorate? To this, the doctor made a detailed understanding, just discover is a habit after meal had killed him.

Originally, Mr. Lee since suffering from the disease, you don’t love to go out, eat a meal also can’t walk downstairs, but lying on the sofa watching TV, because of that, only exacerbated his illness, the body of food intake increased the burden of the kidney, caused certain pressure to the digestive function, make the blood flow is slow, also hindered the islet effect, less secretion of insulin, blood glucose, the doctor said, don’t try so hard to lie down after a meal, walk around 20 minutes.

What do you think of diabetes?

Reason, most people with diabetes are due to unhealthy eating habits, so after found to diabetes, not only to get rid of these bad habits, must learn to adjust mood, don’t let yourself in uneasiness and anxiety for a long time, it is no good for the treatment of diseases, should be appropriate to the outdoors for a walk, can promote blood circulation, and can stimulate the islet effects.

What are the risks of diabetes?

  1. Life threatening

In fact, diabetes is not the most terrible thing, but the complications caused by diabetes. When people’s blood sugar reaches the critical point, it will harm various nerve tissues of the body, including brain, heart and lung, etc. When these tissues are invaded, the body will be overwhelmed by the burden, and hundreds of thousands of people will die in China every year.

  1. Bring economic burden to the family

If they suffer from diabetes, they will have to rely on drugs for a lifetime, which will not only make their families worry and increase their psychological pressure, but also cause a certain burden in economy, making them live on the edge of pain.

  1. Waste of social manpower and material resources

China is the country with the largest number of diabetes patients in the world, with a total number of 130 million. Not only is the mortality rate high, but the annual treatment cost of these patients has reached 600 billion. Behind this huge figure, the loss caused to the society is great.

And blood sugar are difficult to come down, not only is restricted by the diet, even the body also suffered torture, which is why diabetes people struggling to find the cause of diabetes, but looking for at the same time, not only did not fall blood sugar, body aches, instead so, want to lower blood sugar, must pay attention to the scientific method.

High blood sugar, body waste half! Chinese medicine teaches you “natural hypoglycemic method”, the effect may be better than insulin

Natural hypoglycemic method — supplementation of chromium oil nutrients in red leaves

Chrome red oil is made using traditional Chinese medicine extract, containing the astragalus membranaceus and rhodiola, we all know that the two herbs ZhenGuiXing, not only in a few years ago can be used to diabetes, also called li shizhen “known tonic medicine of rare”, they can adjust the body’s glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism, repair the islet cells, thus stimulating insulin secretion, also can adjust people’s central nervous system, endocrine and metabolic system, has played a dual fall blood sugar function.

Red leaves of chromium yeast chromium oil, rich in natural active organic chromium, in many microelements, chromium plays a role can not be ignored, if the body lack of chromium can cause abnormal glucose tolerance, so the red leaves of chromium oil can reduce serum cholesterol and promote protein synthesis, the prevention of heart head blood-vessel, after all, also played a positive role, is a “natural” insulin.

At the same time, two points should be combined:

  1. Monitor blood sugar regularly

Diabetes is a chronic disease, which can be affected at any time due to the rise of blood sugar. Only by regular measurement can blood sugar raid the body. Moreover, if blood sugar rises, we can go to the hospital for treatment in time, not missing the opportunity.

Stay away from alcohol and tobacco

Most people may have been smoking and drinking for decades, but this is extremely detrimental to the recovery of blood sugar. The harmful substances in cigarettes will not only erode the kidneys and liver, but also cause systemic disorders. Alcohol is a stimulant, which makes blood sugar fluctuate under the stimulation effect.