High blood fat is not high before cerebral infarction face know! 5 types of “weird face” to call the police!

Hyperlipidemia is not far away from us, many people do not pay attention to it, resulting in our body buried the hidden danger of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. However, the cause of high blood fat is from our diet, the more rich the diet, such as big fish and big meat, is to provide the opportunity for the increase of blood fat, therefore, high blood fat detection must be reduced.

Abnormal blood lipids and 5 “strange looks” on his face

  1. The aging cycle

The rim of the eyeball has a white or yellowish ring, about 1 mm wide. Rings form in old age mainly because the eye does not have an adequate blood supply. Over time, the color of the eye will change. This is because hyperlipidemia after the production of blood circulation impeded, if this phenomenon, it is necessary to timely maintenance of blood vessels.

  1. Yellow warts

The capillaries in the eyes are rich, so they are more sensitive to the blood circulation of the human body. If the body’s blood circulation is not good, it will lead to the accumulation of garbage in the blood. When deposited around the eyes, it will slowly form yellow warts, the size of a grain of rice, or appear in irregular shape.

  1. Long black spots

If a person’s blood fat is relatively high, there will be an obvious symptom on the face, that is, there will be black spots on the face, the color will gradually become darker. Appear this kind of phenomenon basically is because blood fat is exigent, bring about inside body qi and blood to be obstructed, human body new metabolization is slowed down, inside body garbage toxin cannot discharge in time, metabolization waste accumulates in skin surface, can appear on the face spot.

  1. Blurred vision

Vision loss is generally also caused by high blood fat. Because after blood fat is tall, the triglyceride in plasma also can exceed the standard, the lipids in triglyceride can flow slowly to eye periphery, blind eye line, bring about eyesight to drop.

  1. Ear root folds

If there are wrinkles at the root of the ear, it may be caused by high blood fat in the body, because the root is sensitive to the blood supply to the heart and brain systems. If there are wrinkles at the base of the ear, be alert for elevated blood fats.

Check the person with high blood fat, must want to do 2 things in time

  1. Avoid food in time

We all know that the rise in blood fat is caused by diet, so it is necessary to avoid some food that should not be eaten in time. High-calorie food, high-fat food, high-sugar food must diet, and to quit smoking alcohol, do not drink sugar-high beverages, eat more fruits and vegetables and high-fiber food, can inhibit intestinal absorption of lipids, at the same time conducive to the clearance of blood clots in the body.

  1. Exercise more

High blood fat will generally find sedentary or obese people, at this time, we must develop the habit of exercise, exercise more than an hour every day. Choose light activities such as jogging or brisk walking. Exercise is also recognized as one of the healthiest ways to reduce fat.

The person with high blood fat, send you a small coup, blood fat darling drops

Drinking water is the basis for promoting metabolism and detoxification of the body, but it is also necessary to add some deep-sea linoleic acid nutrients to reduce blood lipid, inhibit the formation of bad lipoprotein in the body, decompose and emulsify the lipid plaque on the inner wall of the blood vessels, discharge the body through metabolism, clean up vascular waste, reduce vascular blockage, and prevent cerebral infarction.

Check hyperlipidemia, the first thing we should do is to avoid food, daily habits should also be changed, can not stay up late, to keep a regular schedule. The middle-aged and the elderly should pay attention to proper exercise, not to overwork, and not to ignore food.