No matter how fast 5G can’t handle a speed-limited netbook, China Mobile’s disguised mockery draws controversy

China Mobile today released its 2020 Smart Hardware Quality Report (Phase 1) and 5G Communications Index Report (Phase 2), which evaluated the performance of the latest 5G phones, especially their 5G network connectivity, with many experiencing internet speeds of 1Gbps or more. However, such high internet speeds are of no use to, and I didn’t expect China Mobile to roll over in front of

China Mobile’s disguised mockery of controversy

In the speed-limited, all beings are equal, even a big enterprise like China Mobile. For 5G, the super-fast speed is its biggest advantage and the easiest place to demonstrate 5G capabilities, suitable for downloading, so China Mobile’s review also chose some 5G network scenarios for testing, such as netbook uploading and downloading and so on.

When evaluating the netbook, Baidu netbook certainly can’t be bypassed, however, Baidu’s speed limit problems lead to 5G network can do nothing, so much so that China Mobile pointed out in the report – 5G network, netbook application file upload and download speed are improved, except Baidu netbook other netbook to improve significantly, fully embodies the 5G advantage.

Mobile further pointed out that the improvement of is limited, and it needs to further liberalize the server speed limit to improve user experience.