The Key to preventing cancer cells from developing in Japan is one simple step

Cancer is a disease everyone hears about. There are many types of cancer for which there is no cure.

Cancer is also known as a “terminal illness,” and just hearing that someone has cancer is almost certainly a death sentence.

One of the things about cancer that you have to know is that 35 is the temperature that cancer cells like best, and it’s also the temperature that makes them most active.

Once the body temperature is above 39.6℃, the cancer cells will die!

Cancer is much less than the now more than in the past, most modern people due to stress and improper diet, normal temperature 35 ℃ to 36 ℃, and the state of “low temperature” is hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, menopause disorders, depression, myocardial infarction, cancer and other incurable diseases incidence of important reasons.

In a word, body temperature is the key to life and death.

Since hypothermia is prone to cancer, can high temperatures kill cancer cells? The answer is absolutely yes! This is no joke, heat therapy has become a new way to deal with tumors, foreign medical scientists even called it “the arrival of medical spring”.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician known as the father of medicine, used heating to treat tumors worldwide.

More than 100 years ago, A German doctor, Coley, published a study on “fever therapy”, in which he treated 38 patients with advanced cancer by injecting them with “Coley toxin” to induce fever.

Cancer cells are more resistant to heat than normal human cells, so at the same heating temperature, cancer cells become so hot that they stop growing, while normal tissue cells remain at ease.

In this way, the tumor tissue can be killed, but also can minimize the “accidental injury” of normal tissue.

Some people have tried baking themselves over a fire in the hope of killing cancer cells in the body. This is a bit of a “desperate cure”, because the human body has poor thermal conductivity, and roasting or sauna can’t transfer heat to tumor tissues, so it can’t kill cancer cells.

Exposing your body to high temperatures for long periods of time can cause tissues to dehydrate and burn, which is not worth the cost.

Moreover, hyperthermia has an obvious effect on solid tumors, but almost no effect on leukemia, because the source of leukemia is in the bone marrow, our current medical science is unable to let high temperature into the whole body bone marrow.

So instead of waiting to find a way to get cancer, learn to prevent it.

Since we know that low temperature is a cancer cell’s favorite temperature, try to raise your temperature and turn the cancer cell’s breeding ground upside down! Medical research shows that every time body temperature rises by 1℃, human immunity will increase by 30%. On the contrary, when your body temperature drops, your immunity will decline.

How do you raise your basal body temperature? Try the following.

Drink five glasses of water a day, consistently.

Less showers, more hot baths, more blood circulation, and more maintenance? In the activity.

Increase physical labor, at least at home to do housework less vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc., do it yourself.

Turn down the air conditioner in summer.

Don’t cut back too much on salt.

Don’t overeat and eat less cold food.

One of the most important is the first point, now many people use pure water instead of plain water, this is not a healthy habit.

Now Japan is very popular white soup detoxification method, that is to boil the water, and then drink warm water detoxification! Derived from the Indian Aayurveda, this treatment can be as effective as massaging the body with sesame oil by simply heating it up! Because it was simple and free of charge, Japanese entertainer Reiko Chiba recommended it and a group of stars followed suit, creating a successful trend

Boil and boil water for 3 minutes, can make the chlorine and some harmful substances in the water is evaporated, while maintaining the water to the human body essential nutrients.

Five cups of water a day can raise your basal body temperature and have many unexpected benefits.

Relieve constipation, drink more water can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, soften stool.

Diuresis, plain water has the effect of diuresis, can make ureter, bladder fluent, prevent stone happening and bacterial infection.

It helps your body detoxify. When you drink hot water, your body temperature rises, allowing the toxins to leave your body in your sweat.

Reduce dysmenorrhea, the heat of plain water has a calming and soothing effect on abdominal muscles, can effectively reduce dysmenorrhea.

Lose weight, drink plain water can promote metabolism, help to break down adipose tissue.

Relieve cough and sore throat, boiled water is a natural cold medicine, its phlegm effect makes your throat will not have so heavy foreign body sensation, and drink a few mouthfuls of boiled water, nose is also very easy ventilation.

Drink plain boiled water also cannot blindly hard fill, had better divide time period to drink, the effect can multiply.

I just get up in the morning and my blood is dehydrated.

From 8 am to around 10 am, to replenish water lost during working hours.

Around 3 p.m., it was time for a break.

Before going to bed, the blood concentration during sleep will increase, such as drinking a moderate amount of water before going to bed will dilute the backlog, dilate blood vessels, is good for the body.

Many people think of drinking water only when they are thirsty, and often drink it in large gulps, which is also wrong.

Drink water too fast too urgent meeting improbably swallow down together a lot of air, easy cause burp or abdominal distension, because this had better contain water first in the mouth, drink slowly again, especially the person with weak intestines and stomach, drink water more should drink slowly one mouthful.

Remember to drink warm water every day from today to prevent cancer in advance! Cancer is a very tenacious disease, do not wait until after the disease to regret why not early prevention.

Know your cancer’s environment, know your weaknesses, and nip it in the bud.