Pinto tens of billions of subsidies 300 yuan iPhone coupons were snatched up, 12 series is still not on shelves

Recently, the Apple special area of the multi-billion dollar Apple subsidies on line “1 cent to grab 300 yuan coupon” activity. This is a great way to get the most out of your iPhone,” he said. At present, the campaign page shows that the first 100,000 RMB300 coupons have been sold out, and it is unknown when the next batch of coupons will be released.

As of now, there is no iPhone 12 series in the Apple area, which is heavily subsidized by Spyder. The company’s newest product, the iPhone 12, has been in the market since the mid-1990s.

The iPhone 12 debut sales boom, third-party e-commerce platform in a short period of time after sold out, even the official website, will be part of the model’s delivery date postponed to November. iPhone 12 series in domestic demand, some channels even add money to get the supply. iPhone 12 delayed shelves 10 billion subsidies, which may be one of the reasons.

As for another reason, it may be the recent Apple’s “new rules” that have been spreading like wildfire on the Internet.

Simply put, the new rules not only prohibit the flow of goods from offline brick-and-mortar stores to online e-commerce platforms, but also require on-site activation of machines for offline sales to prevent resale. Currently, according to online sources, the new rules are essentially set in stone. This means that the channels for e-commerce platforms to source goods from offline physical stores have been significantly affected and the supply of goods cannot be guaranteed.

The iPhone 12’s new look coupled with 5G has sparked a wave of replacements. However, there’s no exact date for when the iPhone 12 series will hit the shelves for the $10 billion subsidy.