Why is the mobile traffic network called “cellular mobile network”?

If a friend’s phone suddenly goes offline, you will usually ask him if the network is on, or if the 4G is on. Are you connected to the WiFi?

In fact, the switch mentioned here refers to whether the “cellular mobile network” switch is turned on.

So why do some phones (like the Apple iPhone) refer to their mobile networks as “cellular mobile networks” (3/4G networks)? What’s that got to do with “honeycomb”?

For this cold knowledge, China Mobile recently conducted a science fair, so check it out!

To summarize, the range of signal base stations is hexagonal, with one base station at the center of each hexagon, which is the most resource efficient.

The network is called a cellular network because it’s built up in a shape that resembles a honeycomb.

Don’t assume that “cellular mobile network” is the name of an operator.