Musk: Tesla’s next killer product is a solar roof

Tesla delivered a good earnings report recently, with high double-digit revenue growth and a very strong year-over-year and triple-digit increase in net profit.

During the earnings meeting, Musk mentioned Tesla’s next killer product, however, it’s neither the Model 2 nor the battery, but the solar roof.

Musk said that solar roofs are prettier, more resilient, and bring energy, and he hopes to see solar roofs more widely adopted next year.

Earnings data show that solar roofs deployed 57 megawatts across the U.S. in the third quarter, triple the amount in the second quarter, and Tesla even plans to expand solar roof deployment and installation into the Canadian market.

From a clean energy and long-term revenue perspective, solar roofs are indeed a good investment, depending on Tesla’s future marketing and whether they can be rolled out globally.