India says it is deploying warships in South China Sea

New Delhi: India’s military “moved swiftly” to deploy front-line warships in the South China Sea after the Galawan clash on June 15, according to Indian media, to the displeasure of China and its opposition to the move in talks between the two countries.

According to the united morning post quoted the Indian Asian news agency said today, sources close to the Indian navy ships in the south China sea, for China’s navy and the impact of China’s security services in accordance with the Indian military expectations, because China in foreign level talks, India ships in the south China sea, complain to India. The US Navy is also deploying warships in the South China Sea, while Indian warships have been in constant contact with US warships through secure communications systems during their stay in the South China Sea, sources said.

Indian media reported that the Indian Navy also deployed front-line military vessels in the Strait of Malacca near andaman and Nicobar Islands in eastern India, as well as the Route into the Indian Ocean by the Chinese Navy, to check any activities of the Chinese navy. Sources also said the Indian Navy also plans to urgently procure and deploy autonomous underwater vehicles, as well as other unmanned systems and sensors to keep an eye on the situation related to the Chinese navy’s passage from the Malacca Strait to the Indian Ocean region.

The Indian navy also “takes into account” Chinese vessels near the East African nation of Djibouti and has deployed their resources nearby to protect national interests, the report said. The Indian Navy is also deploying mig 29K fighters at a “major air base” where the aircraft are being trained for missions dealing with conflicts on land and in mountainous areas, sources said.

Separately, the Indian military today accused the Chinese People’s Liberation Army of trying to launch a provocative military operation over the weekend in violation of the previous consensus reached between the two countries, according to the report.

The defence ministry said in a statement on Saturday night that the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) “carried out a provocative military action to unilaterally change the territorial status quo” in the eastern state of Ladakh, according to AFP, but said China’s action had been thwarted by India. India’s defense Ministry also said the two militaries held a high-level meeting that day to try to defuse the crisis.