Cotton: The Chinese Communist Party views U.S. companies as an extension of Chinese consulates and intelligence agencies

Us Senator Tom Cotton recently told the press that the Chinese Communist Party uses US companies as extensions of its embassy or intelligence services, infiltrating Congress, the federal government and local governments.

Us Senator Tom Cotton recently told the press that the Communist Party uses US companies as an extension of the Chinese embassy or intelligence service, infiltrating Congress, the federal government and local governments.

Speaking on Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show last week, Mr Cotton warned: “Every us elected official should be alert to the risk of Chinese [Communist] interference.”

“Every member of Congress has been attacked by Chinese [Communist party] intelligence agents in one way or another,” Cotton said. I suspect that most people in Beijing don’t think I’m of any use to them, but that doesn’t mean that The Chinese [Communist Party] intelligence community isn’t targeting every member of Congress, and by the way, every governor and cabinet official, and future cabinet official, “he said. I suspect most people in Beijing don’t think they’ll go very far with me.

These things can be so sinister, he says, that sometimes a job opportunity presented to a state official can be a risk, or American companies lobbying senators and Representatives on China policy. “In the US, every elected official should be alert to the risk of Chinese [Communist party] infiltration.” He said.

Cotton added that China (the Communist Party) “uses US companies as an extension of its own embassy or intelligence service to lobby Congress, to lobby the government and to lobby governors for pro-Beijing policies, and, in many cases, politicians of both parties have succumbed to this.”

Pompeo warned U.S. state governments to be vigilant about Chinese threats and infiltration
On December 9, U.S. secretary of state, peng admire Mr Delivered keynote address of the communist party of China threat in Georgia institute of technology, he said, in the past year, with their American counterparts in Washington, DC once state governors, in Wisconsin and state legislators, and technology leaders in silicon valley, to talk to, and many other groups have talked and they challenge the communist party of China.

Pompeo spoke February 8 at the National Governors Association on “U.S. States and the China Competition.” He called on state governors and district heads to be vigilant against China (the Communist Party), which exploits American freedom, and to take seriously important Chinese issues.

Pompeo revealed at the time that a report last year by a Beijing-based think tank detailed the attitudes of 50 U.S. governors toward China, naming and labeling each one as friendly, tough, or ambiguous.

He also reminded the governor that while working with the Communist Party, “The actions and strategic intentions of China [the Communist Party] cannot be ignored, and that to turn a blind eye will miss important countermeasures that will benefit both countries”.

The Communist Party, he said, was scheming: “it analyzes our system, assesses our weaknesses, and undermines our freedoms in order to gain advantages at the federal, state, and local levels of government.”

Carlson used Zhai dongsheng’s Revelations to reveal how the Chinese Communist Party uses the US elite to influence US policy
Well-known Fox anchor Tucker Carlson, on the night of Dec. 7, used the Revelations of Zhai Dongsheng, deputy dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, as an example of how the Communist Party used American elites to influence U.S. policy throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

“Before 1992 to 2016, the Chinese Communist Party was able to resolve all kinds of issues between China and the United States,” Zhai said. “All crises, whether it was the Yinhe incident, the bombing of embassies or the crash of a plane, were resolved within two months.” “Why? We’ve got people up there, we’re in the American establishment, we’ve got our old friends!”

Carson said Zhai had suggested in his speech that the Obama administration was vulnerable to manipulation. They do Beijing a favor, and the Chinese have a lot of friends in Obama’s circle. When Trump was elected president, the problem came and everything changed. In Zhai’s words, “Wall Street cannot make trump work.”

‘You have to understand that Wall Street has a huge influence in the U.S. government on how U.S. policy works,’ Mr. Carlson said. Zhai said the Communist government had great influence over Wall Street and that this arrangement worked well for a long time until Trump was elected.

‘This explains why the U.S. political class has stood by and allowed the Chinese [Communist] government to devalue the U.S. and the American way of life,’ Mr. Carlson said. It also explains why they stood by while the Chinese government flooded the US with lethal opioids, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and plundered billions of dollars of intellectual property from US companies.

Zhai also hinted in his speech that the Communist government had provided support for Biden’s son Hunter’s business deals in China:

“As you can see, Joe Biden’s son was told by Donald trump, ‘What fund company do you have around the world?’ Who built his fund company, okay? There’s business on both sides. So at this time we have a certain amount of such an expression of goodwill in an appropriate way.”