Youth does not need to apologize

But who can afford to be so beautiful for years and years?
Who could stand to be so quiet for years and years?
Later, we looked forward to moving to the headquarters every day, to a vulgar place where the water was not so blue and the grass was not so green, where there were more canteens, more stores, more buses, and more cinemas. From my observations, there is not a single person who does not look forward to this.

After such an experience, who then told me what is worth staying in a beautiful paradise for life, I do not believe it.
Ding Zhen said I also do not believe.
I believe that youth needs to be lively, need the hustle and bustle, need change, need the city lights, need the tidal wave of people. The young youth need to be exuberant hormones in the body secretion, need hot blood rushing in the veins.
I don’t believe in lying on the grass and staring at the sky of youth. A day can be, a week can be, but a year down the road, that is the cage.


Youth only happens once. You can’t have a bungee jump, you haven’t had a bungee jump, you haven’t had a secret room escape. Of course, these things can still be done in the future, but will never have that feeling again.
Just like when I was eighteen years old, I read “The Catcher in the Rye” with tears in my eyes, but now I read it again only to feel that Holden is a bit annoying.
They say Ding Zhen’s eyes are innocent, but if I may say so, most young people’s eyes are innocent. There may be shadows, but they are still innocent at heart. Only when we are young, we will giggle for no reason, only with the “butterfly fly ah” as crazy dance. Only when you are young, we will give ourselves to another person without reservation and believe that love can move mountains and seas.

Don’t believe in the nonsense of “old to be wild and young to be stable”, youth is the season of wild, is the moment of boiling.
Just like the song sung by Nightwish: kiss, while your lips are still red.
The first thing you need to do is to go and sing, shout, love, and not miss too much. Those days will be the treasures of your life.
Youth needs no apologies.

The guitars were roaring, the drums were boiling, and the lead singer Ding Wu’s voice was so loud that his eardrums were tearing. My voice was hoarse from all the shouting. All the people around me were shouting. After the concert, people still refused to leave, blocking the exit behind the stage and waiting for Ding Wu to come out. In fact, it is not to see Ding Wu, no one is really that obsessed with him. I think we just need to find a reason to get together and let off some of that endless energy in the body.

I recently listened to a concert is Cui Jian, spent more than a thousand to buy tickets for the inside. Most of the people sitting around are middle-aged.
A large red cloth fell from the sky.
When Cui Jian stood in front of the red cloth and sang, I felt a surge in my veins, but I shouted like I did when I was eighteen, because the people around me were sitting quietly, some waving glow sticks.
My excitement seemed a little awkward in an atmosphere of middle-aged harmonious nostalgia.

Yes, something has to happen in the years when it should happen.


And the disco.
I still remember the days when I went to discos with my girlfriend, now my wife.
I was an engineer at the time, wearing a plaid shirt and carrying a computer bag in and out every day, and she thought I might look out of place in a disco.
But the first moment I entered the disco, I got excited.

The stage was playing “Butterfly Fly” by the Tigers, and the sound was so loud that the drums shook the heart. Everyone around was bouncing, and the lights converged and then blossomed like a flower, hitting the bouncing figures. I don’t think there is a better sight than this. More beautiful than any sunset, any sunset, any stars and lake, more beautiful than all the scenes on the canvas.
There is no reason, there is no reason, is together, jumping and dancing with the rhythm, let the body’s restlessness along with the sweat spurts out.
This is youth, this is the time that young people should have.

After so many years, so many things have been forgotten, what can be recalled is a scene like this.
The night of the snowy sky, a few people drank almost broke, stumbling towards the dormitory, someone in the distance playing the old wolf’s “Love the Wind”; and friends along the beach and keep walking, picking up all kinds of shells and sea crabs, until dark, sitting down to listen to the waves lapping the rocks; inexplicably laughing; running wildly in the playground for no reason; debating feverishly for a boring topic all night; a man went up to talk to the girl of his choice, while others performed the drama of the middle-aged next to him to set off his tall image …….

Now that I think about it, I still have a lot of regrets about my youth: I didn’t bungee jump, I didn’t become a donkey, I didn’t sleep in the wild, I didn’t ride a roller coaster, I didn’t play escape rooms, and I graduated with the most confused period of time, without my loved ones by my side …….
I also have a regret that two or three years in college were too secluded. Our department was in the division and only later moved to the main office. In the photos, the surroundings of the campus look unbelievably beautiful. Dingzhen’s promotional video says how beautiful Litang is, but I don’t think it’s necessarily as beautiful as the place I went to school.

Watching the news about the Chengdu girl being cyber-violent these days reminded me of something off-topic, which is the bar.


I like bars. I like discos. I like concerts. I like all these hot and lively places. I think these places are a haven for young people.
That’s where young people should go. Young people should be shouting, they should be singing, they should be jumping, they should be getting together with other young people and partying.
There is nothing better than this.

I grew up as a good boy, studying hard, going to school honestly, and being employed in a disciplined way. But now I think back to my youth, those formulas are almost forgotten, the college entrance exam essay topic is what can not remember, read countless books also forgot.
But there are some things I remember very clearly.

Like the first time I heard a concert, in 1993, the Tang Dynasty Band. It cost me thirty dollars. I haven’t listened to its songs for years, and now I guess I’ll feel a bit hot and middle-aged. But at the age of seventeen, that kind of singing drove me crazy. I never thought there was anything so exciting in the world.