Communication that draws wolves into the house

This U.S. presidential election, which on the surface appears to be a mess of democracy, is in fact a great design of the democratic system’s ‘raking shit campaign’. Through limited terms, those in power are periodically tested, and in fact, challengers are being tested at the same time. Had it not been for this fierce election campaign, the long-standing policy mistakes of the United States, and the comprehensive unification and infiltration of the entire country and its politicians by China, I fear that it would have continued to sink under the loopholes of the democratic system, and the gloom of human weaknesses, until the Chinese Communist Party took full control of the United States and defeated it.

Trump’s support from the American people in 2016 accidentally interrupted the dreams of a cadre of Chinese and American politicians and profit-oriented Wall Street speculators and internet thugs. That was the beginning of a great ‘raking the dung’ campaign. The ambitions and actions of the Chinese Communist Party to defeat the United States were blocked by the Trump administration. But the ugliness of the politicians who betrayed America, and the truth that the CCP infiltrated and bought them, have not been fully given to the light. This time, the massive fraud by Biden and the Democratic Party by any means possible has aroused the people’s anger and made some lawyers, generals and politicians with a sense of justice and patriotism come forward to expose all kinds of audacious frauds. The biggest and most serious of these was the fraud of the Dominion voting machines that were used in thirty states and over two thousand districts. Had it not been for the ‘raking manure’ of this election, I’m afraid the deadly crisis that the United States is in would not yet have been known to the people. And even then, not only many politicians of the Democratic and Republican parties, federal and state government officials and legislators, but even such machine-sensitive units as the FBI, CIA, and Department of Defense were corrupted by materialism or ideology. It is evident that the Chinese conspiracy has indeed hit the soft spot of the United States. In fact, it is nothing more than exploiting the weakness of human nature, and the infinite greedy nature of capitalism in pursuit of profit and getting its way. Li Si, the prime minister of Qin, advised Qin Shi Huang to buy the ministers of the six countries with large amounts of gold and silver jewels as a dark weapon to annex the six countries. The Chinese are best at this trick. Although it is two thousand years later in modern America, there is still no way to be immune.

The fraud in the U.S. presidential election is thousands of times more serious than the fraud in the 1977 KMT election in Taoyuan County, at a polling place. So a small place fraud, can provoke the ‘Zhongli incident’ that shocked the KMT regime. The United States this time the appalling large-scale fraud, there is no guarantee than the ‘Zhongli incident’ serious civil unrest, or even civil war. But the United States is, after all, a fairly well-developed democratic country. Now, although General McInerney suggested that Trump declare martial law and suspend the election which was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and attempted to subvert the U.S. government and electoral system with fraud. Director of National Intelligence Radcliffe has stated that the election was tainted by foreign interference and that fraud must be identified before the outcome can be determined. Let’s not talk about widespread fraud. Dominion, which is a systematic and large-scale fraud, must be investigated in depth. A deeper look into the background of Dominion reveals that the company is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. And one is surprised to discover the existence of a ‘deep government’.

The acquisition of Dominion was made by Staple Street Capital, a New York private equity fund, which is funded by UBS Securities. The chairman of Staple Street Capital is William Kennard, formerly of the Carlyle Group (founded in 1987), a private equity fund. William Kennard was a partner in the 1990s in the Bush family, and a partner of Soros, the financial magnate, who was an ambassador to the European Union in both the Obama and Clinton administrations, and chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from 1997-2001, where he headed the U.S. media and communications. In November 2020, he was chairman of AT&T, which monopolized the U.S. communications market, and indirectly controlled CNN and numerous television and radio outlets through its merger with Warner Brothers. This deep government spans Republican and Democratic administrations, China to the United States, finance to media, and today shows us what kind of a force Trump and the United States are dealing with.

Chinese forces infiltrate all levels of the U.S.

China has taken advantage of loopholes in the U.S. financial markets on Wall Street, allowing many shell companies to go public in the U.S. and siphon off funds. The earnings reports of these companies are not rigorously audited in the U.S., but are fake earnings reports made in China. This is not even the most deadly. The most absurd thing is to let the Chinese Communist Party’s military-related companies go public in the U.S. to siphon off money and help the Chinese Communist Party develop military-armed technology, which in turn threatens U.S. security. If this is not selling out the country, what does it mean to sell out the country. Recently, one Zhai Dongsheng, who got carried away and slipped up, confirmed that no matter how big the Chinese Communist Party has been for two decades, it will definitely be able to fix the United States in two months. Because the Chinese Communist Party has people in the upper echelons of the United States. It couldn’t get it right until Trump came to power. He also gleefully implied that now it’s okay, Biden is coming to power. Do you get it? This Zhai Dongsheng is not an ordinary fund manager, he is the deputy director and secretary-general of the ‘Chinese Communist Party Foreign Strategic Research Center’, the vice president and dean of ‘Renmin University’, and the ‘School of International Financial Relations of Renmin University ‘ Dean. He and is Xi Jinping’s best think tank, from whom it was also confirmed that China helped Hunter Biden set up the fund. This is again the tip of the iceberg of deep government. It’s not just Trump, Americans are facing exactly this kind of deep government.

After Trump came to power in 2016, he started to mend the broken net for the United States, which was corrupted by Chinese Communist Party infiltration. In addition to reforming unfair trade and intellectual property theft, and imposing sanctions on unfair online platforms such as Weixun and Jitterbug, he has restricted Huawei and SMIC from operating. It also shut down ‘Confucius Institutes’ that pretend to be cultural exchanges for the purpose of spying and infiltration. The Republican and Democratic Congresses have also discovered the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front plot and have begun to adopt a policy of siege against the Chinese Communist Party. The U.S. has seen clearly that China’s smiling exchanges are in fact acts of war with a hidden agenda. Now it is no longer afraid of tearing its face off. The U.S. State Department recently followed up on its previous announcement of restrictions on visas and residency for Communist Party members by further announcing a sanctions ban on entry for officials of the CCP’s United Front Work Department. Pompeo also announced bans on: theft and release of personal information, threat or use of physical violence, espionage, disruption of domestic political affairs, interference with academic freedom, and interference with commercial activities. It also changed the visa for Communist Party members and their families from ten years to one month, and only a single entry. The State Department also announced the termination of five exchange programs: the China Educational Travel Program for Policymakers, the U.S.-China Friendship Program, the U.S.-China Leaders Exchange Program, the U.S.-China Trans-Pacific Exchange Program, and the Hong Kong Education and Culture Program. These are not reciprocal exchanges, but programs funded and operated entirely by the Chinese Communist Party and used as a propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party. In an effort to prevent industrial espionage and to ensure transparency in Chinese military enterprises, Trump recently signed an order restricting U.S. companies and individuals from investing in companies with ties to the Chinese military. FTSE RUSSELL, a global leader in indexing stock markets, removed the stocks of eight Chinese companies, including Hikvision, China Railway Construction and China Aerospace, under the order. China’s good days of stealing and stealing in the US should be over.

Not only the U.S., but now Australia has passed a law banning friendliness to China. Specifically, the law prohibits other local governments from developing economic relations with China, and the central government will have the right to annul all agreements with China involving trade cooperation, infrastructure development, tourism and cultural cooperation, science and health, and education, including state governments and even more grassroots local governments and public universities.

Thus, it seems that both the United States and Australia have learned a bitter lesson from the pain of the Chinese Communist Party’s exchanges and have taken such drastic remedial measures. For Taiwan, which has been victimized by the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration of united war in the name of exchange, I wonder how the ruling party or the political parties in opposition feel and what their responses are. I have sympathy and admiration for those politicians who have the physical strength of Lu Bu and the power of Dong Zhuo, but can endure the seduction of Mink.