“Son of a Biker” Admits Being Investigated, Focuses on Dealings with Chinese Communist Party

Two Republican senators issued a press release Nov. 18 revealing that Biden and his son Hunter have deeper ties to the Chinese Communist regime.

Biden’s son Hunter recently admitted that he is under tax investigation by U.S. federal prosecutors. A source familiar with the investigation revealed that the investigation focuses on Hunter’s business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party or other countries and “whether some particular transactions took place.”

In a statement Dec. 9, Hunter said he was under investigation by U.S. federal prosecutors for taxes. “The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware informed my legal counsel on Tuesday (Dec. 8) that they are conducting an investigation into my tax matters.”

He said he took the matter very seriously, but did not give any more details about the investigation.

An unnamed Treasury official told Fox News that the investigation is focused on Hunter’s business dealings with “China or other countries” and “whether there were some particular transactions that took place.”

The person said the investigation, which began as early as 2018, could involve the prosecution in money laundering or related tax investigations.

Hunter’s father Biden’s team released a statement calling the investigation into Hunter’s practices “a personal attack.”

Hunt’s and his father Biden’s corrupt business dealings with China’s Huaxin Energy Corp. drew attention during the “Hard Drivegate” scandal that broke out during the U.S. election.

In an interview with Fox News, former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed that Hunt and Biden received large sums of money through China Huaxin Energy.

Bobulinski has extensive evidence of the Biden family business scandal, including documents, emails, newsletters and other evidence. The evidence has been presented to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Senate Finance Committee.

On Nov. 18, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) jointly released a supplement to the Hunter investigation report.

The lawmakers said, “Our investigation revealed that Hunter had millions of dollars in transactions with a company based in Shanghai, China, that is closely tied to China Huaxin Group (CEFC), which is controlled by the Chinese Communist government.”

Bobrinsky has previously stated, “Former Vice President Biden and his family have been bought by the Chinese Communist Party. Based on the facts as I see them, there is no way the Biden family is not influenced by CEFC.”

Recently, the video of Zhai Dongsheng, deputy director and secretary-general of the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Strategic Research Center, exposing himself that the Chinese Communist Party took care of the Biden family has gone viral overseas. The Forsyth News anchor played the film on his show to comment on the analysis, and U.S. President Donald Trump retweeted the video.

In the video, Zhai Dongsheng said that between 1992 and 2016, all the problems between China and the United States could be fixed “because we have people above us, our powerful inner circle in the United States, and we have our old friends!”

Zhai Dongsheng also said that things changed after Trump took office in 2016 because Wall Street couldn’t handle Trump.

Fox News host Carlson commented on this, saying, “Our elite class in America was previously working for China (Communist Party).”

Zhai Dongsheng went on to say, “But what about now? Now we’re seeing Biden come to power. The traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment, they are very close to Wall Street.”

He also implied that the Chinese Communist Party was pumping money into Biden’s son Hunter’s fund company, “Biden’s son was told by Trump, ‘You have fund companies around the world.’ Who helped him build the fund company? Get it? There’s a sale all around here.”

In December 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden visited China with his son Hunter. Following that trip, Hunt received a $1.5 billion investment fund from the Chinese.

President Trump has repeatedly and publicly stated that Biden is a corrupt politician who colluded with the Chinese Communist Party and sold out American interests. If Biden is elected, the Chinese Communist Party will control the United States.

Carlson commented: “Trump knows that the Chinese have been watching what we say, Trump has been accusing Biden and the Chinese Communist government of being involved, and now it’s proven that Trump’s accusations are true and not empty, so now we finally understand the reason why Hunter Biden’s penny incident can’t be mentioned, why the corporate leaders are on the same side, why the tech leaders are united in suppressing the reporting of real events because they are all involved.”

At a sensitive time in the election, Zhai Dongsheng blew himself up about how the Chinese Communist Party took care of Biden, sparking hot debate on the Internet. Netizens have mocked Zhai Dongsheng as Biden’s pig teammate.

Some netizens said, “Professor Zhai has gotten a lot of credit! Powell, Giuliani, Trump all turned your video!”

Another netizen said, “Before Google, Facebook, Twitter, desperately blocked the news of Biden’s son receiving money, and now the Chinese Communist Party itself even said it.”

The video of Zhai Dongsheng’s speech has now been removed from all social media or news sites in China.